How Much is a Sample Neodymium Arc Magnet?

Sample Neodymium Arc Magnet refers to testing before subsequent mass production, small-scale trial production, mainly for engineers to test and analyze whether the motor is running normally. Since the motor usually uses multi-piece tile-type magnets, for cost considerations, many purchasers will ask you how much does a NdFeB arc magnet cost for proofing?

How much is a piece of rare earth NdFeB arc magnet for proofing?

How Much is a Sample Neodymium Arc Magnet

How Much is a Sample Neodymium Arc Magnet

Curved Neodymium Magnet Drawing

The price of neodymium arc-shaped strong magnetic steel is related to the magnet performance, size, temperature resistance and quantity you need. It is best to have formal drawings and complete data of the magnetic tile to facilitate our company to check the price.

Usually the cost of proofing is higher than the price of bulk, which is understandable. If the unit price of magnetic steel is 1 RMB, then 10 pieces of proofing cannot be 10 RMB, right? Our magnet manufacturers also need labor, material costs, startup costs, etc. The price for small quantities usually starts at 100 yuan (subsequent large quantities can be returned). If you have a few hundred pieces for proofing, the bulk price is also possible.

The price of a piece of NdFeB arc magnets is as small as one or two yuan(RMB), and as large as hundreds of yuan. Welcome to consult our MPCO Magnet Factory to give you a specific quotation.

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