How Permanent Magnets are used in Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are an increasingly common mechanism that are used across the country as a green source of energy, converting wind into electric and kinetic energy. One important factor in the operation of these wind turbines is the use of magnets. MPCO Magnetics knows firsthand just how much magnets are helping shape the modern world by the many versatile uses of our permanent magnets. Let’s delve into the role they play in wind turbine generators.

What Role Do Magnets Play?
Permanent magnets are used as part of the generator for the wind turbine. These rare-earth magnets are operational at low speeds, which means that they don’t need a gearbox because they can be powered directly by the wind turbine shaft. Without the need of a gearbox, these wind turbines can be produced at a lighter weight and are therefore less expensive to produce. Not only does it lower the production cost, but it lowers subsequent maintenance costs as well. Magnets work so efficiently that these turbines can run more efficiently all while costing less money to produce.

How Permanent Magnets are used in Wind Turbines

How Permanent Magnets are used in Wind Turbines

Why are Permanent Magnets Preferred?
Permanent magnets, most specifically rare-earth magnets, are the ones being used in the wind energy industry currently. Electromagnets end up consuming parts of the electric energy produced by the wind turbine, whereas rare-earth magnets help to reduce these electrical losses. Also, as we mentioned previously, permanent magnet generators do not need a gearbox or other external source of power in order to create a magnetic field.

What are the Benefits of Wind Turbines?
Renewable sources of energy are becoming more and more prevalent as the world seeks to find more sustainable energy sources. Wind power, which is made possible with the help of permanent magnets, is among the cleanest, most sustainable, and most cost-effective forms of renewable energy. This energy reduces our reliance on other forms of energy such as fossil fuels and allows us to be self-sustainable with a clean source of energy. Since this energy is domestic it created jobs for the U.S., and while some of the upfront costs of wind turbines can be expensive, it is very cost-effective in the long run. Permanent Magnets are used in Wind Turbines

For Permanent Magnets, Call MPCO
Magnets are a vital part of what makes wind turbines operate so effectively, and in turn are helping to create clean energy and jobs in CHINA. At MPCO Magnetics we know firsthand the wide range of uses for permanent magnets. For all of your magnet needs, simply fill out our quote request form to get started! Permanent Magnets are used in Wind Turbines

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