How to clearly describe a magnet purchase requirement

How to communicate needs with magnetic material sales staff? What details must be clarified in order to obtain accurate quotations and delivery dates? If you have such doubts in the procurement of magnetic materials, then today’s article must be of great help to you.

It is clear that the procurement requirements of magnets are mainly divided into two parts, one is the basic requirements for magnets, and the other is the requirements for project delivery. Let’s first talk about the basic requirements for magnets.

Basic requirements for magnets

When we want to clearly explain the procurement requirements of a magnet, there are several key points that need to be clarified: performance requirements, shape and size, magnetization direction, and surface treatment requirements. It is best for the buyer to provide a drawing of the magnet. Let’s take NdFeB permanent magnets as an example to explain in detail.

1. Performance requirements:

That is, the grade requirements of the magnet. There are many suppliers in the magnetic material industry, and each company has different definitions and performance ranges for the same brand. When communicating the brand, it is recommended that both the supplier and the buyer clarify the remanence Br and intrinsic coercive force Hcj of the corresponding brand, so that deviations are not easy to occur .

In addition, according to factors such as the working environment of the magnet, indicators such as remanence and temperature coefficient of coercive force can be further clarified.

If there are clear requirements for indicators such as magnetic flux, the testing equipment and testing method should be agreed as the judgment standard.

2. Shape size and magnetization direction:

When describing procurement requirements, the basic shape and size requirements of the magnet must be clear, such as 6.0mm (+0.03/-0.03), for simple products, provide basic dimensions and tolerances of length, width and height; for magnets with complex shapes , contour and other angle requirements (similar to the red mark 30°±1° in the figure below) need to be provided more clearly, and it is recommended to provide clear drawings to the supplier.

In addition, the magnet also needs to mark the orientation direction of the product (NS pole), the magnetization method (single-pole charging or multi-pole charging), and the magnetization angle. magnet purchase requirement

3. Surface treatment requirements

The purchaser needs to specify the surface treatment method of the magnet, including the coating method (electroplating, electroless plating, electrophoresis, vapor deposition, etc.), coating material (zinc, nickel, copper, aluminum, epoxy resin, etc.), and coating thickness.

If there are requirements for salt spray or other tests, it is necessary to agree on the setting of test conditions, storage time and judgment criteria after the test.

4. Other requirements

Such as: appearance requirements, other testing requirements (such as aging test, etc.), packaging requirements, transportation requirements, etc.

5. Product delivery

Most suppliers have magnet blanks in stock, and have a certain amount of reserves for general performance. The shape of the magnet roughly determines the length of delivery of the product. magnet purchase requirement

Customized products generally require a special mold. If the manufacturer does not have a mold of a suitable size, there will be a time for mold making, and the product delivery time will be extended to a certain extent.

The overall construction period can be shortened, but it is not guaranteed to be delivered in accordance with the ideal time of the purchaser. For products with urgent delivery dates, orders must be placed in advance.

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