How to distinguish the north and south poles of magnet?

Magnets are widely used in various industries, because of magnetic adsorption and magnetic induction, many electronic products, hardware, machinery and other industries!

So before many customers use magnets, there is a doubt, how to distinguish the north and south poles of the magnet, because the magnets are the same-sex attraction, and the aliens are repelled. That is to say, if they are the same two polar faces, they cannot be adsorbed. Many customers’ products can be distinguished by their own fixtures. Many smaller products are designed to be fast and accurate. It is necessary to distinguish the polarity of the magnets with the naked eye. So what can our manufacturers do?

How to distinguish the north and south poles of magnet

How to distinguish the north and south poles of magnet

Like our small magnets, we use the weak magnetic surface to scribe. The customer can see the north and south poles of the magnet by seeing the mark made on our magnet. The larger one we use to mark on the polarity, such as: uniform N pole Dash. In addition, when we are packaging, the polarity of the magnet is indicated at the top of each magnet, then the same polarity is along the direction.

It is as simple as distinguishing the polarity of the magnet, but the general factory will still make mistakes. Why? The workers are not professional, the quality control is not strict, and the wrong paintings often exist!

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