How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets – Through Performance And Working Temperature

According to the experience of MPCO for many years, a lot of customers didn’t know the professional knowledge of neodymium magnets. Therefore, the wrong choice has been made. In order to help customers to buy the right neodymium magnets. This paper explains how to choose the right magnet from two aspects: the performance of magnet and the working temperature.

About performance of magnet.

For example, many customers know that magnets are broadly divided into 8 properties: N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52, etc. Therefore, the greater the number, the greater the magnet’s pull force. From N35 to N52, the magnetic pull force of magnets increases. So, the same size, different performance will lead to different pull force of magnet. Meanwhile, the same performance, the greater the size of the magnet, the greater the pull force. Please well note.

How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets

How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets

About working temperature.

Depending on the temperature requirements, the selected magnets are also different. For example, N35, 35M, 35H, 35SH, 35UH, 35EH, they all belong to 35 performance magnets. The temperature, N35≦80℃, 35M≦100℃, 35H≦120℃, 35SH≦150℃, 35UH≦180℃, 35EH≦200℃.

So, N≦80℃, M≦100℃, H≦120℃, SH≦150℃, UH≦180℃, EH≦200℃. After understand this information. You can choose magnets with different properties according to the temperature when the magnet is applied.