How to keep the magnet magnetism for a long time?

Magnet, also known as permanent magnets, are objects that exist around the material and have their own magnetic fields. They are both natural and artificial. Artificial magnets are usually made of a metal alloy and have strong magnetism. Ferromagnetic refers to the magnetic state of a material with a spontaneous magnetization phenomenon. Some materials are magnetized by the action of an external magnetic field, and even if the external magnetic field disappears, the magnetization state can be maintained and magnetic, which is spontaneous magnetization. All permanent magnets are magnetic or sub-magnetic.

How to keep the magnet magnetism for a long time

How to keep the magnet magnetism for a long time

A magnet is an artificial magnet made of steel or some alloy and artificially magnetized. If properly preserved, it can maintain magnetic properties for a long time. Remind you that if you don’t want to weaken the magnetism of the magnet, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Do not place the magnet around the strong current;

2, The magnet can not be placed on the fire, after high temperature;

3, The magnet is not subject to knocking and severe vibration;

4. Small magnets cannot be placed together with large magnets;

5. The horseshoe-shaped magnet should also be connected with a piece of soft iron on both poles to connect the two poles and invert the north and south poles of the adjacent magnets.

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