How to Make Magnets Weaker? What Are the Methods?

Some people want the magnetism to become stronger, and some feel that the magnetism is too strong and want to reduce it and become weaker. Today, our article mainly talks about some methods and techniques to make the magnetism weaker. I hope it will help you. !

Methods of weakening magnets;

1.  Reduce the performance grade of the magnet. For example, the N40 grade of neodymium magnet is now used, which can be reduced to N38 or N35, and so is ferrite.

2.  Add an external magnetic field opposite to the original magnetization direction of the magnet and with appropriate magnetic induction intensity.

3、Using heating methods, such as ovens, the neodymium magnets will lose part of their magnetism at a certain temperature, and the time and temperature should be well controlled.

4.  Put the magnet farther away, or wrap things on the surface.

The above are some introductions on how to weaken the magnet introduced by MPCO. Our company is a permanent magnet manufacturer. Welcome to consult and buy Magnets!

How to Make Magnets Weaker What Are the Methods

How to Make Magnets Weaker What Are the Methods

What are anti-ferromagnetic materials?
Anti-ferromagnetic materials are the magnetic materials that behave as tiny magnets spontaneously as they can align their domains at low temperatures in the opposite direction to the external field. In these materials, net magnetic moment is cancelled out between atoms aligned in one direction and the atoms that are aligned in the reverse direction. Their antiparallel coupling is disturbed by heating and above Neel’s temperature, it completely disappears. At low temperatures, these materials don’t respond to the external magnetic field as the antiparallel ordering is maintained rigidly. However at higher temperatures, atoms can break bonds and become free thus they show a weak net magnetic moment. They have maximum net magnetic moment at Neel’s temperature. Above this value of temperature, thermal agitation starts and it prevents the alignment of atoms with respect to magnetic field. Hence alignment of atoms decreases by the increase in temperature.

Paramagnetic is a term that is used to describe a type of magnetic materials which cannot retain its magnetic properties until the external magnetic field is removed, unlike ferromagnetic materials. Although most elements are paramagnetic, their attractive force is thousands of times weaker than that of ferromagnetic material, so they are classified as “non-magnetic.” When external magnetic field is applied, they align their domains in the direction of applied field and are demagnetized as external field is removed.

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