How to Test Neodymium Magnet Has 4000 Gauss

An old customer asked, how to judge whether the strong neodymium magnet in his hand is 4000 Gauss? Today, let’s do a simple science on this issue.

Some customers have requirements for the Gauss value of the magnet, such as greater than 3200gs, greater than 4000gs, or within a certain Gaussian range, which are based on product needs. The magnet manufacturer has delivered the goods, how to judge whether it is qualified? How to detect it?

First of all, it is definitely not enough to just rely on the feeling. To judge whether the strong magnet has 4000 Gauss, you can use a Gauss meter or a Tesla meter. This instrument can intuitively display the magnetic data of the magnet table. The price is not very expensive, about 400-4000 yuan. , If you often need to use a magnet, you can prepare one.

What does a Gauss meter look like? The picture below is a Gauss meter, the measured magnetic data of this magnet is 4600gs

How to Test Neodymium Magnet Has 4000 Gauss

How to Test Neodymium Magnet Has 4000 Gauss

Which magnet sizes can reach 4000 gauss?

For rare earth neodymium magnets, it is easy to choose N40 grade 4000 Gauss. Of course, it also depends on the thickness and diameter of the magnet. It is difficult for magnets with large diameters and thin thicknesses. If you have any doubts, you can consult us.

Like N38 grade neodymium round magnets with a diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 5mm can reach 4400 gauss, so if the thickness is higher than 5mm, it is even higher!

Guess your concern: How much is the 4000 Gauss magnet converted into pulling force?

If you don’t know the size of the magnet, you can’t judge the pulling force, and the 4000 Gauss surface magnetism can’t explain anything.

The above is about how to judge whether the magnet has 4000 Gauss related introduction, if you need to buy more than 4000 Gauss magnet can contact us for your supply.

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