Important Gun Magnet Features

Each magnet listed above has specific features that helped it to make our list. Sometimes a brand stands out because of its ease of use, other times its versatility, and others stand out because they offer a unique solution to magnet-based gun mounting.

Mounting Specifications
Before choosing a gun magnet, you have to determine first where you plan on mounting the gun, how you want the gun mounted, and the weight of the firearm you’ll be mounting. Keep in mind that the weapon needs to be easy to reach without spending a lot of time searching for the grip.

You may be surprised to find that many gun magnets can support not just the weight of a pistol but also an SBR, full rifle, or even some shotguns. They open up a considerable number of options to the home defense-minded user.

Hold Strength
When purchasing a gun magnet, the number one thing you have to do is be sure that the gun will not fall off of the magnet when it is fully loaded.

Whether you drive a semi-truck or a compact car, the engine’s vibrations should not be able to shake the gun off of the magnet. A quality gun magnet for the interior of a vehicle will have a secure, more permanent mount, which usually includes screws.

Look for a magnet that can support twice the weight of your firearm for a secure hold regardless of where it’s mounted.

Important Gun Magnet Features

Important Gun Magnet Features

Scratch Resistance
Another reason to buy a quality gun magnet is to maintain the finish of the firearm you are mounting. Magnets designed with exposed metal can cause scratches and defects on slides, uppers, and lowers each time you grab the gun and force them off the mount.

Accessory Compatibility
The compatibility of the firearm and magnet is critical. We’ll go more in-depth later, but some magnets can’t be used with flashlights, lasers, night sights, etc. Make sure the magnet you’re considering won’t hinder your use of required accessories or require you to alter your setup.

Organizational Options
Besides defensive purposes, gun magnets are also great tools for organizing weapons in a gun safe or a gun room. There is only so much space in a gun safe, so optimizing the available room by mounting guns to the back of the door or sides can free up space for other guns.

For the interior wall of a gun safe, consider a mount with an adhesive, so you don’t have to drill into the safe’s metal.

Shelf Use
Gun magnets can also be used for displaying pistols on a shelf. There are a variety of wall mounts for long guns that include racks, metal or wooden hooks, or even glass cases.

While these are all great options, nothing beats a magnetic mount that keeps a weapon secure to the wall. Consider purchasing a multi-magnet that can hold the weight of a fully-loaded long gun if display is your goal.

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