Inductor, Magnetic Core, Magnetic Material Powder Servo Molding Machine Application

Powder servo molding machines are widely used in powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, inductance integrated molding, precision ceramics, 5G filters, cemented carbide, fasteners, stamping molding, new energy, lithium batteries, auto parts, 3C and other industries, especially It is suitable for pressing and forming of complex products with multiple steps and shapes.

Servo powder molding machine is suitable for related industries such as inductance core, T-core inductor, powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials, etc. that require powder compression molding, especially for the compression molding of multi-step and complex products. Especially suitable for forming small T-core inductor products (2016/1412/2520/2012/1005).

Inductors are divided into silicon steel sheet inductors, iron powder core inductors, iron silicon aluminum inductors, manganese zinc ferrite inductors, nickel zinc ferrite inductors

Alloy powder: The anti-rust effect is very good, and the inductance is high, but the current characteristics are relatively poor.

Iron powder core: Irregular shape, good current characteristics, but no rust, low inductance value, and surface spray insulation is required.

Hydroxyl iron powder: The particles are spherical, higher than the other two insulations, and the magnetic permeability is not good.

T-type magnetic rings are also known as T-rings, T-buckles, hollow magnetic rings, annular magnetic rings, etc. There are two types of T-type magnetic ring, one is to wind the wire on it, which can play a good anti-interference effect, and the other is used as the magnetic core of the toroidal inductor.

Inductor, Magnetic Core, Magnetic Material Powder Servo Molding Machine Application

Inductor, Magnetic Core, Magnetic Material Powder Servo Molding Machine Application

Applicable industries:

It can be used on cables such as power lines, data lines, signal lines, computer peripheral lines, etc., or made into various inductors for use on circuit boards.

Product advantages:

1. Using new powder, the magnetic ring has a smooth appearance and stable performance. The mold design has various angles, such as C angle, R angle, and flat angle, to meet the winding and use needs of different customers.

2. Special size/performance magnetic ring products can be customized according to requirements.

3. The magnetic rings are all chamfered and the inner burrs are not scratched. The dimensional precision is high, and the product is injected into the product without any glue.

4. Using imported materials and advanced technology, it is stable and efficient.

5. Directly connect with the factory to make the communication more smooth, the price more reasonable, the quality more stable, the response more timely, and the technical support more powerful.

The FS type magnetic ring is also called a flat magnetic ring or a flat magnetic ring, a flat magnetic ring, and it is also called a racetrack magnetic ring because its shape looks like a racetrack. This product model is the most recognizable in the magnetic ring series, mainly used in the cable, with excellent anti-interference effect.

Application scenarios:

All kinds of printers, scanners, frequency converters, household appliances, etc., all kinds of flat cables, internal floppy disk and hard disk cables, circuit boards and data connector cables.

UF/UFR type magnetic ring is called clip magnetic ring, or buckle magnetic ring, snap magnetic ring, clip magnetic ring, assembled magnetic ring, etc. It is a kind of ferrite magnetic ring series Anti-interference magnetic ring.

Applicable industries:

UF/UFR snap-on magnetic ring can be installed on various wires such as: power cable, audio cable, AV cable, data cable, etc., to achieve the purpose of filtering interference signals. Suitable for personal computers, electronic audio equipment, copiers, scanners, audio equipment, supply video cables, medical equipment, green lighting, automobiles, etc.

1. Inductor core, T-Core inductor, integrated inductor.

2. Carbide.

3. Magnetic materials.

4. Precision ceramics.

5. Powder metallurgy.

6. 5G filter.

12 x 4 x 6mm Neodymium Ring Radial Magnet N50 Ni

12 x 9 x 1.5mm Sintered NdFeB Permanent Ring Magnet N42 Ni

10 x 4 x 5mm Neodymium Rare Earth Ring Magnet N42 Gold

15 x 8 x 6mm Rare Earth Ring Neo Magnet N50 Ni

13 x 9 x 1mm NdFeB Ring Rare Earth Magnet N40 Ni

8 x 5 x 3mm Ring NdFeB Magnet N50 Ni

6 x 2 x 2mm China Factory Ring Magnet N48 Golden

14 x 4 x 4mm Rare Earth NdFeB Diametral Ring Magnet N35 Ni