Industrial Magnet Safety

Magnets are essential for industrial use but come with dangers. Learn how to safeguard your team and increase magnet safety in the workplace.

Magnets are increasingly useful for many daily purposes and can also be fun to play with! However, while magnets can be helpful, they can also be dangerous. Magnets are used frequently in industrial and factory settings. Given the often-precarious nature of the work taking place in these settings, it is very important to be aware of magnet safety in order not to add another hazard to daily work.

How are magnets dangerous?
To begin, you may be wondering what could possibly be dangerous about magnets? Let us educate you:

If magnets unexpectedly stick together, or stick to another metal object, they can severely pinch skin causing it to bruise of puncture
If magnets shatter as a result of impact, they can cause irreversible eye damage
If heated, grinded or cut, magnets can absorb oxygen and shatter or explode
If an individual has a health assistance feature such as a pacemaker, magnets can interfere with that device working properly
If exposed to magnets for long periods of time, they can have negative impacts on a person’s health.

Industrial Magnet Safety

Industrial Magnet Safety

Magnet safety tips
The good news is that when proper precautions are taken, you can keep yourself and your team safe and continue to benefit from the useful features of magnets. To keep safe:

Avoid handling magnets when it is not necessary to do so
Attempt to keep strong magnets away from the head, eyes, heart and trunk regions of the body
Those with cardiac pacemakers, hormone infusion pumps or other sensitive medical devices should avoid interacting with magnets at all costs
Keep your electronics and credit cards stored away safely when working with magnets
Always wear safety goggles when working with magnets.
If you must continuously be exposed to magnets, ensure that daily exposure does not exceed 2,000 gauss or 0.2 tesla. Even when exposed one time, exposure should not exceed 20,000 gauss or 2 tesla.

Transporting magnets
If part of your job includes transporting magnets, you need to keep in mind that:

Strong magnets can potentially interfere with navigation instruments
Special insulation packaging for magnet transportation is available
Your freight company should supply you with a safe handling information sheet.
Here at MPCO Magnets, we of course love magnets! We know that they are highly useful and as a magnet supplier, we care abouts ensuring that our readers and customers use their magnets safely. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

Additionally, if you are looking for more information on magnet safety, contact us.

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