Our customers uses our industrial magnets in the production of many products and applications. MPCO is your one stop shop for industrial permanent magnets. We sell custom designed magnets, mass production permanent magnets, special grades of magnets and more . MPCO supplies magnets for several leading customers in the automotive, aerospace’ military and medical industries.

Industrial Magnets

Industrial Magnets

Types of industrial magnets

Industrial neodymium magnets are our most popular magnets. Ceramic industrial magnets are used by many manufacturers as well. We sell all types of industrial magnets available in the market. Here are the types of magnets we sell:

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB ) magnets – these magnets are used when strong magnetic field is requirindustrial magnetsed or when magnets have to be small. MPCO sells all grades available for commercial use. We guarantee compatible prices and right on time delivery.

Ferrite magnets (also known as ceramic) – Our customers use this type of magnets quite commonly. Manufacturers are using ferrite magnets because they are cheap and reliable magnets. Their high coercivity makes the magnets very resistant to becoming demagnetized. Excellent corrosion resistance therefore no surface treatments is required.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) are used in application with working temperatures above 200 degrees. Due to high performance and low temperature coefficient, these magnets are also useful in cariogenic temperatures.

Alnico, least affected by temperature. Very useful with high temepratures. These magnets are manufactured either by casting or sintering process. Cast magnets can be made in fairly complex shapes.
You will find more information in our website (follow the links above), or you can contact us for more designated information from MPCO engineering Team.

Standard for permanent magnets:

MMPA Standard No. 0100-00 Standard Specifications for Permanent Magnet Materials
ASTM A1054 – 07 Standard Specification for Sintered Ceramic Ferrite Permanent Magnets
IEC 60404-8-1, Magnetic Materials Part 8: Specifications for individual materials Section 1 – Standard specifications for magnetically hard materials

Neodymium Magnets Samarium Cobalt Magnets
Neodymium MagnetsSuper holding power / strongest magnetic material in the world. Samarium Cobalt MagnetsExtremely powerful, small size, rare earth magnets.


Ceramic Magnets Alnico Magnets
Ferrite MagnetsPowerful, economically priced and differing strengths. Alnico MagnetsHorseshoe, rod and bar shapes, feature high heat resistance.