For fastening various parts and forming empty space in the process of reinforced concrete products manufacturing, we offer various types of magnetic holders, insert magnets and spacers, both standard and custom-made according to customer drawings

The insert magnet are used in the precast concrete production structures to form free spaces in the work-pieces to fix the concrete inserts. Insert magnets are used in magnetic shuttering systems. This equipment type has considerably simplified some production task for the concrete structures producers. It easily gets fixed in the magnet formwork system or on the steel table due to its magnetic properties.

Insert magnet types
There are several main types of the insert magnets. They are divided according to the way they are used, the magnet capacity and the structural complexity.

Inserts fixing insert magnet
There is a strong need in the precast concrete structures production – the inserts fixation. There are such inserts:

Сord loops
support arms
connecting elements
Insert magnets – elements forming openings
This type of insert magnets is used to form a door and a window opening. Actually, such magnets are highly like the magnet formwork structure that is placed inside the main outer formwork.

The insert magnet appliance in the concrete structures production has a far-reaching impact for the producers market.


Insert magnet appliance
There is a strong necessity of the main components availability for the precast concrete structures production in order to use such equipment. These components are:

Steel table
Magnet formwork
Shuttering magnets
The insert magnet are placed inside of the main formwork, in that place where the opening is planned to be. When it is concreted, there is a need to let a concrete to get fixed. There is a raw of steps to take apart the insert magnets during the removal of formwork. The first step is to remove an outer formwork. The upper part of the insert magnets is taken apart straight after the outer formwork removal. And then a concrete structure should be removed from the steel table and the down part of the insert magnets is usually left on the table as it could be used for the similar items production or taken apart.

Insert magnet advantages
The insert magnets have a number of the advantages for the solution of the following tasks:

Door and window opening formation
Inserts fixation
Free spaces formation in the production of hollow slabs
To order the insert magnets
To order the insert magnet you can reach us out with the contacts on our website. Or you can fill in the online application form and our specialist will contact you at any convenient time for you.

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