Is Gold Jewelry Magnetic?

As we have mentioned above, pure gold is not magnetic. Therefore, 24-karat gold jewelry will not be attracted to magnets.

On the other hand, gold alloys that contain iron, cobalt, or nickel can be magnetic. It is not the gold that is creating magnetism. The magnet attracts the other magnetic metal mixed in the composition, i.e. iron or nickel.

Therefore, 18k, 14k, or 10k gold could be magnetic if they are alloyed with a magnetic metal.

Why Do Jewelers Add Other Metals to Gold?
There are two main reasons why jewelers mix other metals with gold: first, gold is a malleable metal. It is a soft metal. So, to make the gold piece harder and more durable, jewelers will add other metals to the alloy.

The second reason is that it makes the gold piece cheaper. You can expect 24k gold jewelry to be marginally more expensive than a 14k one.

One of the possible downsides of mixing other metals into a gold alloy is that the piece can trigger skin allergies. Copper, iron, nickel, and zinc are some examples of metals that can cause some sort of dermatitis if in contact with the human skin for too long if the person is allergic to such materials.

Is Gold Jewelry Magnetic

Is Gold Jewelry Magnetic

Gold-Plated vs. Real Gold
Gold plating is a method of covering the surface of another metal, such as copper or silver, with a thin layer of gold. Although very common in the jewelry industry, a gold-plated piece is not considered real gold.

Many will argue that for a piece to be considered “real gold,” it must be at least 10 karats (or 41.7% pure gold).

Magnetism as a Test for Gold
The most trusted method of testing your gold pieces, such as gold coins or gold jewelry, is to take it to a reputable gold dealer. However, it is possible to do a magnet test to check if your gold piece is 100% pure or possibly, fake gold.

As aforementioned, 24k gold is not magnetic. If your gold piece is attracted to a magnet, you might not be able to ascertain its exact purity levels, but you could, most likely, discard the possibility of it being 100% pure.

You can watch the following video and read our article on how to tell if gold is real to learn more about possible tests you can take. Discover chemical tests and the proper electrical equipment that would give you a more accurate result.

Why Can a Metal Detector Find Gold?
Metal detectors transmit an electromagnetic field into the ground. If the wave meets a metal object, it becomes energized and retransmits an electromagnetic field too. The metal detector search coil can receive the retransmitted signal and inform the user.

However, metal detectors should be set to operate at the correct frequency to be able to detect small gold pieces. For instance, a metal detector operating at 5kHz will easily find high conductors such as large silver but will have difficulty detecting small gold ores.

Conversely, if the metal detector operates at 40kHz, it will be easier to find small gold, like a gold coin, and harder to find large silver. The same can be true for other materials or other precious metals.

Can Gold Stick to a Magnet?
Gold cannot stick to a magnet and, in fact, it will slightly repel it. Gold is a noble and precious metal along with silver, and has many properties. Gold is ductile, malleable, reflectible, and an excellent conductor of energy and heat. But not magnetic. If in contact with a magnet, your golden piece sticks to it, it may indicate that it is not pure. It is probably an alloy with another metal, which may be magnetic.

Is Gold Jewelry Magnetic?

Can You Make Gold Magnetic?
Pure gold is not magnetic. So an item made of pure gold itself will not stick to magnets. A possible option to make gold magnetic is to alloy it with another metal, like iron or nickel. As they are magnetic, the alloy would promote magnetism. Some recent research discovered that applying heat to gold would make it magnetic, but only under specific conditions.

Is 24k gold magnetic?
24k gold is not magnetic. Karatage is a metric system expressed in 24 parts, used to say the levels of gold in a particular alloy. 24k indicates that all the 24 parts of an alloy present levels of gold higher than 99.95%. In other words, the analyzed gold is pure, and no other metals are mixed. If pure gold is non magnetic metal, consequently, neither is 24k gold.

Does 18k gold stick to a magnet?
It is possible that an 18k gold piece sticks to a magnet. 18k or 18 karat means that a specific alloy contains 75% of pure gold and 25% other metals. Since pure gold is not magnetic, gold itself will not be responsible for the magnetism, but the metal alloyed may be. 18k gold is usually proper to manufacture wearable jewelry, alloyed with nickel, silver, or copper, which make the pieces stronger, as gold is too malleable.

Does a magnet stick to 14k gold?
Gold, in its pure form, does not promote magnetism. If a specific item containing gold sticks to a magnet, it is possible that the metal alloyed with gold is magnetic and causing the attraction. 14k indicates that the alloy has approximately 58.3% of gold, which is low compared to 18k or 24k, and the rest of the composition consists of another metal, which may be magnetic.

What does it mean when gold is magnetic?
A magnet does not attract gold. If a particular item containing gold, such as gold coins, gold rings or necklaces, sticks to a magnet, it is probably not composed of gold only. It may be the result of an alloy of gold and another metal. Gold jewelry, for example, is usually a combination of gold and other metals to gain some resistance.

How accurate is the magnet test for gold?
Magnet testing may fail if the metal alloyed with gold is not magnetic. Then, the magnet would do a false reading. Specific thermo or electronic testing machines are proper to make this test and provide reliable results. Professional evaluators tend to use this technology to analyze gold levels of purity accurately.

Can neodymium magnets attract gold?

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