Isotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets Coatings

Compression molded magnets kept in dry air will be rust free for a long time. However, in a humid environment, the moisrure in the air will cause rust on the surface.

Therefore surface coating is necessary for most applications. MPCO provides 5 types of coatings for your specific shape and use environment.

Due to higher polymer binder content, injection molded magnets have higher corrosion resistance and in most cases can be used without coatings

Isotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets Coatings

Isotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets Coatings

Coating method Coating thickness
Corrosion resistance
Time to rust formation in humidity test (hours)
Application shape
60℃×95%R.H. 80℃×95%R.H.
Resin coating Electrodeposition coating (epoxy) 20 ~ 35 500 300 Various shapes
Spray coating (epoxy) 15 ~ 30 400 200 Various shapes
Dip coating (epoxy) 1 ~ 5 100 50 Small parts
Barrel spray coating
3 ~ 18 200 100 Small parts
Metal plating Ni plating 10 ~ 30 500 300 Various shapes


New electrodeposition (N-ED)

In most applications, conventional electrodeposition coating gives the adequate protection. However, for more demanding applications where higher corrosion resistance is required, our new electrodeposition coating (N-ED) may be the answer. Please let us propose the appropriate coating method for your application.

Features of N-ED

Name Electrodeposition New electrodeposition (N-ED)
Base material Epoxy resin Denatured speciality epoxy resin
RoHS compliance Compliant Compliant
Anti-corrosion, anti-chemicals B A
Oil resistance B A
Maximum usage temperature
(Only for coating)
≦210℃ ≦270℃
Coating thickness 25μm 15μm
Pencil hardness ≧2H ≧4H