List of Non-magnetic Metals

List of Non-magnetic Metals with their Applications
Compared to magnetic metals, non-magnetic metals are large in number. Transition metals like copper, silver, and gold, to name a few, are non-magnetic metals.

The following tables list a few non-magnetic metals, their properties, and their applications.

Non-magnetic Metals Properties Applications
Gold Good corrosive resistance, low electrical resistivity, Malleable, Ductile Used in computers, jewelry, EEG electrodes, and teeth fillings.
Copper Excellent conductor of heat and electricity and good corrosion resistance Utensils, shake flashlights, sub-sea applications,
Silver High electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, reflectivity, and good corrosion resistance Solar Panels, Ornaments, and capacitors in medical equipment
Bismuth High electrical resistance when subjected to a magnetic field. Soldering applications, bullets
Lithium High specific heat, High thermal conductivity, low-density Non-magnetic batteries
Aluminum High thermal conductivity, lightweight, good corrosion resistance Marine applications, military, Electronic casings, Electrical transmission lines
Titanium High strength-to-density ratio and excellent corrosion resistance Tools, missiles, microwave connectors, and ships
Platinum Good corrosion resistance, soft and malleable, high-density Electrodes, high-density hard disk drives, and optical storage systems.
Commonly used non-magnetic metals, their properties, and applications

List of Non-magnetic Netals

List of Non-magnetic Netals


Gold is a soft, ductile metal that has good corrosion resistance. Its low electrical resistivity and non-magnetic properties make it an ideal metal for making EEG electrodes (to measure brain signals).


Apart from being non-magnetic, copper is said to have high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and good corrosion resistance.

The non-magnetic property of copper is utilized in mechanical shake flashlights and sub-sea applications like seawater pipings, couplings, etc.

Resistance to fouling makes copper suitable for applications of long periods of inactivity, like submerged testing devices.

Copper alloys, such as brass, also present non-magnetic properties, making them suitable for similar applications.


Silver has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

In addition to these properties, the non-magnetic nature of silver makes this metal an ideal choice for making capacitors used in medical devices like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance scanners).


Low density and high resistance to electricity in the vicinity of an external magnetic field make the bismuth chosen for soldering purposes.


Lithium has high specific heat, high thermal conductivity, and low density, making them suitable for electrical applications.

One of the most popular applications of lithium can be found in the form of lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries.

The non-magnetic nature of lithium makes it suitable for electronic gadgets such as smartphones, which otherwise can experience interference in the presence of an external magnetic field.


Aluminum, a lightweight metal, has high thermal and electric conductivity. Apart from these qualities, it has good corrosive resistance and is non-magnetic.

The non-magnetic property of aluminum helps build electronic casings and marine structures and develop military devices that are not susceptible to the magnetic field.


The high strength-to-density ratio and non-magnetic nature of titanium make it an ideal metal to develop tools that are used while working on magnetic devices like MRI equipment or highly reliable testing devices.

Apart from this, titanium has found wide applications in the field of spacecraft, shipbuilding, and developing missiles.


Platinum is a highly dense, ductile, malleable, and corrosion-resistant material. Its non-magnetic property is harnessed in making pacemakers and catalytic converters.

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