Type Name of Motor Applications
AC motor Synchronous Generator Single-phase and three-phase AC power supply, auxiliary exciter and wind turbine system.
AC Tachometer Generator Speed and rotational speed measurement of flight, sailing, locomotive and lathe.
Induction Generator Single-phase intermediate frequency power supply.
Ignition Magneto Ignition system of locomotive, train and aircraft.
Synchronous Motor Blowing machine, water pump and textile machine.
DC motor DC Motor Micro motor in the camera, household appliance, electronic industry and instrument.
DC Servo Motor Automation and remote control system.
DC Tachometer Motor Rotational speed measurement of rotating speed.
DC Torque Motor Elevator and aerospace.
Other motors: Stepper Motor, DC Brushless Motor, Piezoelectric Motor, Hall Motor and Voice Coil Motor. Industrial automation and office automation.



Permanent magnets in various types of materials, such as neodymium (NdFeB), samarium cobalt (SmCo), ferrite, AlNiCo and plastic-coated magnets are used in many different automotive parts (e.g. door locks, sun roofs, ABS, speakers, windscreen wipers, electric window regulators) making magnets indispensable in our cars. Considering that safety is always the highest priority in this branch, quality is put above all else.

Home appliance

Naturally, most of our electric kitchen appliances contain a dc motor and so is our electric tooth brush. Most of the small home electric appliance requires small dc motors to operate, and small DC motor requires small NdFeB magnets. Small electromagnets are used for doors locks, fire doors and high level kitchen doors. Magnets are used in many different and creative ways in our surroundings. Magnets are an elegant way to temporarily attach objects and are used in panels, doors and windows, hanging Ferro metal objects (knives or tools) or pictures, shelves and even television on walls.

Our long time experience with a lot of different magnetic applications and our know how can help your company to save time and money when approaching a new project, and we will happily supply your company with the most suitable and cost affective magnets, custom made for your requirements.


The three different types of materials used in speaker magnets are Alnico, Ceramic (Ferrite) and Neodymium. Each material has a different effect on the tonal characteristics of the speaker. Alnico, the original magnet material used in speakers, produces a classic tone. With the increasing demand of earphone, car speaker, and andio speaker, Ndfeb become the best choice due to its strong performance and low volume.


Wind power generator in the clean energy is the largest user of sintered neodymium magnet. Wind energy is considered as one of the most potential renewable energy to be the substitution of fossil fuel, and got policy support from governments, thus become an important part of energy gradually. As an essential excitation part of the permanent magnet generator of wind power, usage of sintered neodymium magnet in 1kW and 2kW direct-driven permanent magnet wind power generator around 0.67 tons and 1.00 tons respectively.

Medical and Biopharma

ET/FT MnZn Inductor Transformer Soft Ferrite Iron Choke Filter Core

Applications for Neodymium Magnets

Powerful Magnets Application In Valves

Magnets for Motor Applications

Industrial Application N52 NdFeB Titanium Nitride Coated Magnet

EC Type Soft Magnetic Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

Sintered Radial Neodymium Iron Boron