Magnet Squares Tape Sheets with 3M Strong Adhesive Backing

The magnetic plates from MPCO today you will find thousands of different magnets, but you have already encountered the realization that conventional magnets can be used quite restricted. This is completely different with the Wintex magnetic plates. Our thin stickers can be easily cut to the desired size.
So you no longer have to align yourself by the size of your magnets, but the other way around. Cut and craft larger triangles, squares or even round shapes, just what you need.
MPCO presents you with the optimal solution. Advantages at a glance: The small square magnets are attached in seconds and stick strongly and securely to metal surfaces. – High magnetic force you can rely on. Is the magnetic force not enough for you?
No problem! Simply attach several magnetic plates to the desired places, giving you even more possibilities. – A quality with maximum standards. Since the MPCO magnetic stickers are flat and thin, you can easily cut them with a safety knife or scissors and thus adjust them to the size of the item. – No additional tools are needed, just tear off the film and stick. Perfect for school, office or home.

Magnet Squares Tape Sheets with 3M Strong Adhesive Backing

Magnet Squares Tape Sheets with 3M Strong Adhesive Backing

Question: will the magnets stick together? On the magnet side….not the adhesive side. Need to use it to keep cabinet door closed

Answer: The magent sides will stick together, however after you glue the first one to the frame (or door), you need to rotate the other one clockwise till they attract each other the just close the door and it will work.
Question: Can these be used to hang knives on kitchen wall? Will it stay. The video shows hanging a pair of scissors

Answer: These are not strong enough to hold knives on the kitchen wall. I use these for heavier items: MPCO MAGNET 100 pcs Ceramic Magnets – Tiny 18 mm (.709 inch) Round Disc – Flat Circle Magnets Bulk for Crafts, Science & Hobbies – Perfect for Refrigerator, Whiteboard, Fridge Sold by: MPCO MAGNET Hope this helps.
Question: Will 2 of these magnets squares be enough to hold a small remote? ( Small lighting remote )

Answer: If the remote is the size of a fire stick/roku remote I’d say about 2-3 squares would be good
Question: Can this hold a 9mm loaded clip under a table?

Answer: Probably, if you glued one side to the table. It only has adhesive on it. Not super strong.
Question: will these magnets work on a stainless steel fridge?

Answer: Magnets won’t stick to Stainless Steel..
Question: Will these work for hanging pictures?

Answer: You can hang photos or pictures but they need to be without a frame. One magnet square holds about 1.5 oz (~50 gram), which is enough for small things, you can watch the video in the listing which shows some of the items we tried.
Question: Will these stick to a Quartet glass white board?

Answer: We tried several glass white boards and they stick just fine, however we didn’t try a Quartet one but it should work also on that.
Question: Will the adhesive damage a painted wall when removed?

Answer: More than likely
Question: Can the magnets stick to each other (flat and side by side)? Basically, if I wanted to create a flat rectangle with three squares?

Answer: Yes they will attract to each other. However before glue them onto something you might have to rotate them to make sure they are aligned the right away. For example, if you want to make a magnetic bookmark you put the magnet sides together make sure they are attracted and then peel off the backing paper and glue them onto the paper sheets.
Question: Will these stick together? Magnet to magnet? I want to stick them to plastic doors with the intention to keep the doors closed.

Answer: They will stick together, but sometimes you need to rotate them to do so. We recommend to stick the first magnet to the door then put the second magnet on it so they attract each other (rotate if they don’t ) and then close the door so the second magnet will stick in the right position onto the other side. You might want to leave the door open so the glue can bond first. Sometimes the magnet will go off as it gets pulled from the other one because the glue didn’t bond long enough.

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