Magnetic Base Iindicator Holder by MPCO

A powerful permanent magnetic type base holds firmly any steel or iron surface horizontally, vertically or up-side down, thus eliminating time spent on clamping indicator to machine.

A convenient large diameter push button turns magnetic pull ‘on’ or ‘off’ for quick one hand set up and removal of base. The base and two sides are energized for attachment to flat surfaces and a V slot facilitates gripping on curved surfaces.

Magnetic Base Iindicator Holder

Magnetic Base Iindicator Holder

An improved model with a versatile clamping assembly which can hold any plunger type of dial indicator available in Metric as well as English System and can easily hold any lever type of dial indicators with 6 mm, 8 mm i.e, 1 / 4” and 5 / 16

Magnetic Base Iindicator Holder is the new MPCO Magnetic Base Indicator Holder that shortens time on all set – up, checking and inspection jobs requiring dial indicators.

It is provided with a swivel post assembly for universal adjustment by means of a ball joint attaching it to the magnetic base and upper friction joint that allows arm to swing through more that 180-degree of arc.

Plus features include a slot in the ball joint tensioning cap that permits swivel post to be bent up to 90 degree from that vertical position and a fine adjusting screw for accurate final setting of the indicator.