Magnetic Bushing Assembly and Magnetic Recess Former

This magnetic bushing assembly is composed of Neodymium Magnet, steel casing and thread rod. The use of magnetic bushing is quite simple.Set bushing magnet on the steel panel formwork and place PVC pipe on the bushing magnet. then add concrete around the pipe.The contact surface should be clean and flat otherwise will reduce its actual magnetic force. By using a hexagonal tool. you could easily take the bushing magnet off. Inserted fixing magnet,also known as Embeded Fixing Magnet, inserted socket fixing magnet, embeded socket fixing magnet, magnetic pipe ixing magnet,precast concrete fixing magnet. is the new magnetic assembly in precast concrete industry. It is the best solution to fix the inserted socket in precast concrete panel.

Magnetic Bushing Assembly

Magnetic Bushing Assembly

Bushing magnets, also called the bush magnets or magnet bush assembly.Magnetic bushing magnet is mainly used for premade holes or pipes on precast concrete,using magneic bushing magnet is the best solution for precast concrete industry.
Magnetic bushing magnet is made up of a strong Neodymium Magnet,a steel armuture and a thread rod. The magnet are with anti corrosion coatings to enhance its using spram. Round Fixing Magnet for Holding Steel Panel and Formwork, Concrete Formwork Magnetic Pipe Fixing Plate

The set of threaded bushing magnet is very easy. Place a thread bushing magnet and insert a short pipe outside it.Then add concrete around the pipe within the steel formwork.Build bathroom or kitchen with these concrete slabs is very simple, just bush pipes with a suitable pipe fittings. Get back the bushing magnet is also simple, just use a hexagon tool.

Threaded bushing magnet, or socket bushing magnet, inserted bushing magnet, is a magnet assembly for preset PVC or PE pipe bushings.Threaded bushing magnet is made of Neodymium Magnet, steel casing and thread rod. The bushing magnets are with anti corrosion coatings which will enhance its using spram. The magnet should be used on clean and flat surface ,or will reduce its magnetic force.

Magnetic Recess Former

Solid Steel Type Magnetic Former, Magnetic Recess Former Metal, Magnetic Former for Capstan lifting anchor, Magnetic Steel Recess Former, Swiftlift Foot Anchor Magnetic Recess Former, MonoBlock, Magnetic Formers, Stay put magnetic steel recess former and swift foot anchor assembly

Magnetic recess former is a good and fastest way to fix and position lifting pin anchor and build recess on the steel formwork. The magnetic recess former can help lifting pin anchor to change the position quickly and precisely. The magnetic recess former did not need mold hole to arrange former stud like rubber recess former. It can extend steel formwork life and non-damage. Also the magnetic recess former need rubber seal to prevent concrete into recess. The lifting pin anchor with double head did not need the rubber seal.

The Capstan Anchor can be installed in metal moulds by the use of magnetic formers. These are used where the lifting anchors are not accessible when casting. They are available in load groups from 1.3t to 10.0t.

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