Magnetic Extrusion Material:
• Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder.
• Max operating temperature 176˚F
• Forms a strong bond when paired with itself.
• Magnetic on 1 face.

Description of Magnetic ExtrusionS

The magnetic extrusion is a strontium ferrite magnetic powder within a thermo-plastic binder that is extruded through a die to create a specific profile which is then magnetised multiple-pole on one surface.

Magnetic Extrusion

Magnetic Extrusion

The magnetic extrusions has one magnetic face and can be put against itself as pairs to magnetically attract to itself (self-mating). The maximum operating temperature of the magnetic extrusions is +80 degrees C – above this temperature the binder starts to soften causing the magnetism to fail as it de-magnetises as the magnetic domains re-align to cancel themselves out.

Pull Force Rating of Magnetic Extrusions

The pull force rating of the magnetic extrusions is 65 grams per square centimetre. The more area is used, the more clamping force potential there is. Magnetic extrusion works best when in direct contact with itself or in direct contact with a magnetically receptive surface (such as the steel tape, mild steel surfaces, magnetic stainless surfaces and other ferromagnetic surfaces).

One version is adhesive backed – 150mm lengths. The other versions are without an adhesive backing (plain finish).

It is possible for us to produce customised extruded profiles of lengths to suit. If you require such custom produced magnetic extrusion please contact us for prices.