Magnetic Field Sensors – Contactless and reliable detection

Today’s pneumatic cylinders are compact, reliable, and cost-effective prime movers for automated equipment. Unfortunately, they are often provided with unreliable reed or Hall Effect switches that fail well before the service life of the cylinder itself is expended. magnetic field cylinder sensors are based on non-contact, solid-state sensor technology that is compatible with both reed and Hall Effect magnetic pole orientations, making them the ideal replacement for standard magnetic switches. Electrically rugged, they feature short circuit protection, overload protection, and reverse polarity protection.

magnetic field sensors will work with magnetic strengths as low as 15 Gauss unlike the reed and Hall Effect sensors that require Gauss ratings two times higher or even more. This means that as the magnet weakens from time, heat, and other factors, LIFETIME warranty.

Contact-free – wear-free
No double switching points
Reliable in high speed applications

Tubular magnetic field sensors
Non-contacting sensors for a safe bet
Tubular magnetic field sensors enable you to reliably detect positions in a non-contacting manner. They are vibration-resistant and switch through non-ferrous metal and aluminum walls without reducing the switching distance. In doing so, they allow for a significantly greater switching distance than inductive sensors of the same configuration size. Another benefit: Installing it flush in steel is simple to achieve.

Magnetic Field Sensors

Magnetic Field Sensors

Small, extremely compact configuration, and very long switching distances
Sensors with a diameter of 6.5 mm can scan positions without making contact at a distance of up to 90 mm
Industrial grade and impervious to contamination
Position detection even through containers or pipes
Detection of codes using magnets

Two magnetic field sensors are often necessary for smaller pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders or grippers in order to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder. Our single-connector version reduces your mounting and wiring efforts for such applications. It allows two sensors to be connected via a single 4-pin connector (M8 or M12), which also requires only one slot when connecting to a distributor box. This enables you to double the number of possible sensors on one distributor box and simultaneously measure up to twice the number of positions on pneumatic grippers and cylinders in a simple manner.Hall effect magnet,
This system will save you time and effort, as well as acquisition and storage costs.

Tie rod diameter of up to 17 mm
Reliable switching behavior thanks to precise switchpoints
Non-contacting and thus free from wear
Impervious to contamination
Mounts quickly

The smart factory with its complex production lines demands great flexibility. But with ever changing requirements, it can be difficult to balance the necessary process and product quality.

Keeping a constant eye on the process becomes critical. Sensors play an important role in compact and precise grippers, fast stamping machines and tool changers because the sensors provide the required speed, precision and flexibility.

magnetic field positioning systems give you the ability to monitor running processes reliably and wear-free. They help you stay in control of various processes and ensure simultaneous processing of workpieces while remaining energy-efficient. Their use delivers high process reliability and automation quality. And it all happens reliably, whether you need to control assembly in the automobile industry, or quickly adapt to changing formats and process parameters in the packaging industry while controlling multiple pneumatic motions at the same time.

Modular concept for flexibility: Covers a variety of cylinders over a stroke of up to 256 mm
Full transparency: Continuous monitoring of the piston position in the smallest spaces using analog voltage and current output as well as an IO-Link interface
Reliable results: Application-specific linearity and repeat accuracy
High process security: Low temperature drift and very good electromagnetic compatibility
Ready for Industry 4.0: Format changes, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Our magnetic field sensors with flexible attachment systems are suitable for all groove shapes, such as T-, C-, round, or trapezoidal slots. It can be adapted to almost all cylinder types using special manufacturer-specific mounting brackets. As a result, a reliable tool is always available for detecting position on grippers and pneumatic cylinders. The main thing is that it is very flexible.

Moreover, the switchpoint is adjusted only once and is retained even if the sensor is replaced. This way you increase the functional reliability of your equipment by making sensor replacement safer and easier, even in hard-to-reach places. Our universally applicable sensor models save you storage space and can reduce your costs.

One sensor for all pneumatic cylinders
Reliable switching behavior
Captive switchpoint
Non-contacting and thus free from wear
The best hold thanks to metal fasteners