Magnetic Formwork System (Confortable Solution)

This formwork-system, consist of a formwork-profile with integrated magnetic tension-mechanism, which can be used in different formworks. It is specially suitable for the production of filigran- respectively double walls and lattice girder ceilings. By mean of the tension-mechanism, the profile (layer is planed) is pulled to the bottom of the shuttering, so that an exactly edge of the manufactured item is managed. For the system is one unit, measuring mistakes are not possible. The easy and quick handling increases the work safety. Using the corresponding lever, the system can be taken off and removed easily from the bottom of the shuttering. By mean of the separated arrangement of tension mechanism and handle-knob, and tension mechanism and shuttering, the forces acting on the formwork and on the magnet during the concrete process are absorbed.
The built-in tension elements are placed in a save position, so that the formwork-system is less sensitive against soiling.

Magnetic Formwork System

Magnetic Formwork System

Note: Recess profiles before first using into oil!
With defect the old shuttering, by remove from 3 screws, can be easily exchanged.- very leight weight


-very leight weight
– simple and safe handling
– simple servicing due to open system
– Magnetic power of 900 kg, depending on Ground Surface (steel, thickness, temperatur, ruffness)
– changing the formwork just by removing three screws
– materials (Steel and Polyurethane) resistant against concrete
– easy to clean
– The Springs pull the formwork down to the Table and prevent the penetration of concrete (with 120kg per Magnet unit)
– Spring elements help to unlock the magnets when demoulding

Magnetic formwork systems are compact and lightweight systems that allow the adaptation of various applications in a single formwork device. On the other hand, they can be used for several support columns, thus avoiding deformations.

The precast concrete industry is looking for ways to produce parts more economically and efficiently. MPCO has taken up this need of the sector and is developing magnetic systems that facilitate and rationalize the activity.

They can be used together with columns or clamping devices and on any formwork surface. The particular geometry allows us to adapt to any dimension, meeting the applications and needs of our customers.

At MPCO, we have contributed to improving production methods in the construction sector by developing magnetic solutions for the construction industry and developing very specific clamping, anchoring, and formwork magnets for this industry. These clamping magnets are used to hold concrete forms in place while concrete is being poured.

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