Magnetic grates are commonly used in slow, free flowing materials such as grain, food, spices, plastic and chemical fertilizer. They can be placed inside hoppers and bins and removed for cleaning. Common configurations are round, square and rectangular, but Magnetic Hold can make them to your specification. They are available with round or angular diverters for maximum magnetic field exposure.

Magnetic grates

Magnetic grates

For slow moving materials, grate magnets can be made without diverters. Easy cleaning designs are available for faster cleaning time. See below photos for magnetic grates with easy clean feature.

Construction of Magnetic Grates
Magnetic Grates consist of magnetic rods and 300 series stainless steel (304 or 316) frame and diverters. The frame and diverters are welded or screwed into a complete unit and polished to a smooth finish.

Magnetic Tube Configuration Options
Magnetic Grates come standard with our 52 Grade Rare Earth balanced circuit.
Balanced Rare Earth circuit ideal for abrasive applications, featuring a high-performance blend of 9,500 gauss and 16.7 pounds of pull strength on a 1/2” ball
Rare Earth Circuit which optimizes magnetic field at 12,000 gauss
HACCP International Food Safety Programme Certification-approved Rare Earth circuit averaging over 11,000 gauss and 106 oz. of pull strength on a 1/4” ball
Large Tube (3”) Rare Earth Circuit for products prone to have flowability, bridging tendencies; Over 12,000 Gauss
Mid Tube (2”) Rare Earth Circuit for products prone to have flowability, bridging tendencies; Over 13,565 Gauss
Rare Earth Circuit which boasts 119 oz. of pull strength on a 1/4″ ball
High Temperature Rare Earth Circuit with high durability and heat tolerance up to 356°F
Durable Tube with a Ceramic Circuit for larger tramp metal removal applications

Materials Offered
Materials Offered Magnetic Hold can fill the tubes with

Alnico Magnets
Ceramic Magnets
Rare Earth Magnets

These permanent magnets are extremely powerful and have various benefits depending on your application. See these before and after pictures below:
Magnetic Grates before cleaning
Magnetic Grates after cleaning result

Why us?
At MPCO, the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Our company is committed to delivering magnetic grates that surpass every applicable industry standard and customer specification. The quality of goods, industry certifications, workman shop, and low prices are what sets us apart from our competitors. We would appreciate a chance to earn your trust and business.

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