Magnetic Hall effect sensors

Low power, highly reliable, cost-optimized solutions for magnetic position sensing

Known for robust durability and dependable operation, MPCO magnets for magnetic Hall effect sensors are the simplest solution for any position sensing application. Whether simply detecting the closing of a lid/surface or performing complex motor commutation, MPCO ’s Hall effect sensors magnet will reliably and accurately sense the position in any system.

Magnetic Hall effect sensors

Magnetic Hall effect sensors

Hall effect latches & switches

Hall effect switches and latches indicate the presence or absence of magnetic fields.
Digital output
Wide voltage and temperature range
Ultra-low power options

Linear Hall effect sensors

Linear Hall effect sensors measure magnitude of magnetic fields.
Analog and PWM output options
Unipolar option doubles voltage swing
Flexible Vcc, package, and sensitivity options

Latch functionality
Unipolar switch functionality
Hall effect latches require alternating north and south magnetic poles to toggle. They are used in rotary applications, whether for BLDC motor sensors or incremental encoding.

Hall effect switches indicate if a magnet is close by, based on a predefined magnetic threshold. TI offers both omnipolar and unipolar Hall effect switches.
Linear analog output
Linear analog output
Linear PWM output
Linear hall effect sensors output a signal that’s proportional to magnetic flux density for precise position measurement.

Hall effect magnet by MPCO Designs

MPCO Designs are complete board and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your precision system.