Magnetic Key Holder for Wall or Fridge – Incredibly Strong Magnets Hold Your Heaviest Keychains – Modern Upgrade for Your Old Key Hook (Dark Brown)

★ MAGIC KEY HOLDING – With three (3) hidden neodymium magnets embedded within the bamboo, you can easily attach your heaviest set of keys or other metal accessories to the holder surface. Simply toss your keys and let the magnets do the work.
★ NO MORE “WHERE ARE MY KEYS?” – The simplicity of the magnetic Function provides your key rings with a home that is convenient and easy to remember. So – you never have to lose your keys again. The magnetic key holder can be mounted to your wall near the door or attach instantly to your fridge.
★ DECORATIVE. MODERN. UNIQUE – The hook-free design allows you to replace your unattractive and bulky key hangers with this modern and minimal design. Place your keychains, knives, scissors, tools and more on this multi-functional holder.
★ ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE BAMBOO – Each key holder is constructed with 100% natural bamboo, which is an extremely durable, water-resistant and environmentally friendly material. Growing up to 39 inches in a single day, bamboo is the most sustainable alternative to other wood species.
★ CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE – We’re positive that you’ll love our magnet key holder. However, if for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked!

Magnetic Key Holder for Wall or Fridge

Magnetic Key Holder for Wall or Fridge

We are a small friends and family business that wanted to come up with a simple solution to help you organize, store, and hang your car keys.

It happens way too often the phrase “Where are my keys?”. The car keys you grab every day on your way out of the house just never seem to have a home. The place where you always keep them and never forget where they are.

Traditional key racks are boring, the hooks break off, and they never even seem to get used. The magnetic key holder is different and the first key rack that you will actually use.

Each magnetic key holder:

* Includes three (3) incredibly strong hidden magnets that easily “pull” and secure your keys and keychain.

* Is constructed from solid bamboo, which is a much more sustainable and eco-friendly option versus wood alternatives.

* Can be mounted to your wall (includes mounting hardware) or magnetically attached to your fridge.