Magnetic Lifter for Large Thin Sheet Metal

As per customers’ requirement, we designed and made a custom magnetic lifter for lifting 8’ x 4’ sheet metals with thickness of 20 to 12 gauge. The lifting power of the magnetic lifter comes from the integrated permanent magnets, and therefore it doesn’t need any electricity at all.

One might think that such sheet metal would be quite light and can be lifted by any permanent magnetic lifter. It is not correct! Lifting thin steel sheet can be serious problem for any magnetic lifter, even though the magnetic lifter itself has a large-enough rated lifting capacity.

In order to lift a large and thin sheet metal, the custom magnetic lifter integrated a few permanent magnet modules which has shallow magnetic field concentrated in the thin sheet metal to be lifted and produced a strong attraction to the metal. The magnetic lifter would only attract one sheet a time due to the same theory.

By turning the handle, a special mechanism of bar hinges executes functions of attracting or releasing the thin sheet metal.

Magnetic Lifter for Large Thin Sheet Metal

Magnetic Lifter for Large Thin Sheet Metal

Apart from above mentioned custom magnetic lifter which is for 8’ x 4’ x 20-12 gauge, we are able to design and produce the magnetic lifters with larger lifting capacity of up to 12’ x 6’ x 20-12 gauge.

The magnetic lifter has low profile. It is light in weight and easily operated by hand. A safety latch locks the handle to keep the magnetic lifter in attracting status while lifting a sheet metal.

If you need to lift one large and thin sheet metal from a stack without clinging any more sheet underneath, the magnet lifter could be one of the best solutions. (Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifting System would be another solution. It can be operated either at its front panel, or at a wireless remote control. But it is much costly. See details on Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet.)

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