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Magnetic rotor assembly for direct drive pumps,Inner rotor and outer rotor.
Glue be used can withstand high temperature .
Glue to used can reach high shearing force which can make sure magnets be firmly glued .
With customized fixtures which can make sure the perfect assembly process.
Dynamic balancing standard :G 6.3 / G3.2 without processing
Outer Diameter: 450mm
Rotated Magnet 4 poles
Magnet Grade: 38UH

Magnetic Rotor Assembly For Pumps

Magnetic Rotor Assembly For Pumps

Magnetic Rotor Assemblies Designed & Built for Demanding Applications
High Speed Permanent Magnet Rotors
We specialize in design-to-spec and build-to-print custom high-speed rotors for precision servomotors, high-efficiency rotors for medical and aerospace applications and complete rotor and stator sets for microturbine compressors.
We offer a full range of production capabilities for rotor assemblies, from technical engineering and prototyping to high-volume manufacturing.We routinely produce rotors with mechanical tolerances in the 0.0001″ or less range, with special capabilities for interference fit metal sleeves and carbon fiber wound sleeves.

MPCO Magnets manufactures high-performance magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals, and electric motor components and assemblies for highly efficient electric machines. There is some typical specification of magnet rotors. Magnet rotor assembly designs using advanced materials such as samarium cobalt or neodymium iron boron, permanent magnets. Magnetic motor rotor, which is formed by magnetic steel, metal shaft or metal shell. According to detailed application situation, the rotor magnet can be sintered, molded or injection molded with NdFeB magnet material and Ferrite magnet material with multi-poles magnetic rings. It can be used for the high-speed motor, line motor, stepper motor, etc. Furthermore, the permanent magnet motor rotor can be customized by different kinds of magnetic materials, and customized drawing is welcomed.

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