Magnetic Separation Pulley

Magnetic Separation Pulleys replace existing head pulleys in belt conveyors. They are used for continuously separating ferrous contaminants from the product flow at the point of discharge.

The radial magnetic field ensures the tramp metal is held and separated from the product as it flows off the end of the conveyor. Can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a matching Magnetic Take-off Rail which carries the ferrous material further back away from the pulley before release.

Available in a range of sizes to fit your diameter and belt width.

The shaft can be machined to your specification.

Magnetic Separation Pulley

Magnetic Separation Pulley

Magnetic Separation Pulley Sizes

Standard diameters and maximum face widths are tabled below.

The effective magnetic reach out distance varies with the pulley diameter and this table can be used as a guide.

Diameter (mm)Maximum Face Width (mm)Magnetic Reach Out (mm)Maximum recommended operating speed (metres/sec)

Magnetic Take-Off Rails

Magnetic Take-off Rails can be used in conjunction with Magnetic Separation Pulleys to move the collected ferrous tramp back away from the clean material discharge stream.

Refer to option in the Diagram to see how a Take-off Rail is mounted. It shows how the collected ferrous is drawn back along the underside of the conveyor until it is released at the end of the Take-off Rail.

Take-off Rails should be the same width as the Magnetic Pulley.

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