Magnetic Separators for the Baking Industry

Magnetic separators play an important role in increasing traceability and product security in the baking industry.
If you work in the baking industry and are curious about how you can further improve the quality and purity of your product, as well as reduce risks of metal-related recalls, then you are in the right place – this can be done with magnetic separators.

In bakeries, there are 5 primary locations where the presence of magnetic separators is crucial for food safety. These include:

Incoming flour blowlines
Minor dry ingredients and mixing
Minor liquid ingredients and mixing
Finished liquid/batter ingredients
Sprinkling & topping
Different locations have their own risks and levels of contamination, so a suitable magnetic separation design is a must! Luckily, we have a range of Magnattack® magnetic separators suitable to these locations which will effectively increase your metal fragment controls.

Let’s have a look at each location and the magnetic separators suited.

The MPCO Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet effectively collects and retains contaminants such as magnetic stone particles, work hardened stainless steel and magnetic dust, from high-velocity, dry product lines, without experiencing bulk density changes and pressure loss.

The Spherical Magnet is suitable for high velocity and large volume vertical installations in blow, vacuum, gravity, & pneumatic transfer lines. It is a more effective, sanitary, and aerodynamic alternative to outdated Bullet Magnet-type designs. The aerodynamic design of this magnetic separator prevents blockage of product and minimizes product particle breakdown.

The Spherical Pneumatic Line Magnet suitable for products such as sugar, flour, salt & semolina.

MPCO Spherical Pneumatic Line Magnet
The Powder Transfer Magnet also provides highly efficient separation of metal fragment contamination without experiencing bulk density or blockage problems.

Magnetic Separators for the Baking Industry

This magnetic separator features high-intensity, +11,000 gauss Probe Magnets, configured to remove weakly magnetic contamination and work-hardened stainless steel fragments and stone from horizontal pneumatic transfer lines, thus greatly increasing food safety control and product purity.

Minor dry ingredients are often overlooked when the mixing process is undertaken, however, it is a common source of magnetic contamination in baking products.

The Grate Magnet can be installed at bag tipping locations to extract foreign metal fragments before they enter the mixing process.

This grate magnet was originally designed to overcome disadvantages experienced with conventional grate magnets in the food industry, including stainless steel magnet sleeves, safety issues, and cleaning difficulties. It stands out from other grate magnet designs with its sanitary, dust-tight housing and a cleaning operation that is performed wholly outside of the product stream, reducing recontamination risks. The can be supplied with the Cleaning Tool, which allows for effective cleaning of each individual magnetic bar.

The system uses a combination of various bar diameters, door designs, and sizes to suit many variables. Units can be custom-made to suit your individual applications.

Grate Magnet
In minor dry ingredients and mixing applications, for blowlines above 2 inches, we recommend installing the above-mentioned Spherical Magnetic Separator.

For smaller line applications, we recommend a custom Round Pipe Separator. This magnetic separator is specially designed with extra high strength at the base of the magnet – this is the point at which metal contamination typically passes through the pipe in these types of applications. This extra strength and positioning ensures that magnetic fragments are less likely to pass through.

Minor liquid ingredients are frequently used in the baking industry and are often a source of metal fragment contamination. MPCO have developed a simple but very effective ‘bolt on’ magnetic separation solution for removing fragments from minor liquid ingredients. The MPCO Pallecon Outlet/Tote Magnet is the ideal solution for extracting metal contamination from this application.

This magnetic separator provides effective indication and retention of metal fragments from liquids as they exit/discharge from tote bins, large containers, and pallecons.

As metal fragments are often present in a wide variety of liquids such as oils, chocolate, egg whites, and syrups, these magnets enable thorough inspection and control of incoming/outgoing materials and early detection.


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