Lightweight Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Sheet Handler / Gripper

One of our most popular permanent lifting magnets products is the lightweight Magnetic Sheet Handler/Gripper which is extremely convenient to use to lift and transport lightweight loads. Although it is sturdy and durable, a few key operational and maintenance procedures must be strictly followed to prolong its lifespan.

Operational Procedures:

1. Similar to operating all other magnetic lifting devices, work surface must be cleaned, before applying the Sheet Handler. Dirt, rust or even oil will reduce the effectiveness and lifting capacity of this tool.

Magnetic Sheet Handler Gripper

Magnetic Sheet Handler Gripper

2. After each use, clean face of Sheet Handler with a toothbrush, shop towel or air nozzle to completely remove chips or dirt. Based on our experience, it is easiest to use a regular toothbrush to brush in the outward direction and in a swift motion. Make sure that no chips are stuck around the edges of its housing.

3. Store in a clean place between lifting operations. Remember that the magnetic poles are always exposed and can always magnetically attract its surrounding ferrous particles.


1. Avoid using Sheet Handler for any operation other than lifting or pulling steel parts. When it comes to lifting application, some of our clients are very creative which is good if we are not handling a powerful magnetic equipment. Please consult with us on the feasibility and safety of your application before purchasing.

2. Keep working face clean. An airgap exists with the slightest unnoticeable layer of rust and can decrease the magnetic gripper’s rated lifting capacity dramatically.

3. DO NOT bang or slam the tool against work. Always slowly place the gripper onto the clean surface of your steel plate. Any powerful impact can result in unevenness of poles and/or shatter the construction of the magnetic sheet handler.

Just like other hoisting equipment, all the common safety precautions must be strictly followed by all operators at all time!

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