Magnetic Shielding Sheets

Magnetic shielding sheets are classified as amorphous shielding sheets and nanocrystalline shielding sheets according to different kinds of soft magnetic materials.  magnetic shielding sheets made of single-layer or multi-layer high-quality amorphous or nanocrystalline ribbon offer high permeability and low core losses. It can effectively reduce the EMI of magnetic field to the surroundings. It is widely used in aerospace, automotive, communications and other electronic equipment as EMI resistance, electromagnetic screen and wireless charging.

Magnetic Shielding Sheets

Magnetic Shielding Sheets

Compared with ferrite shielding material, shielding sheets are featured with thin thickness, excellent flexibility, easy processing and wide working frequency range, which apply to the magnetic shielding of various electronic products. For wireless charging application, the shielding sheet performs well in high power wireless charging with its arbitrarily adjustable permeability and excellent anti-saturation current.

Typical Applications
Magnetic shielding sheets are mainly used for EMI resistance, electromagnetic screens, NFC and wireless charging of various electronic products.

Technical Specifications

Part No.Product DescriptionTotal Thickness
Alloy Thickness
Adhesive Thickness
Available Dimensions
L*W(mm*mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
MDWA0450251 Layer Amorphous45±4255 55/60/65≤400
MDWA0700502 Layer Amorphous70±7503 55/60/65≤200
MDWA1000803 Layer Amorphous100±10803 55/60/65≤200
MDWA1251054 Layer Amorphous125±121053 55/60/65≤100
MDWA1551355 Layer Amorphous155±151353 55/60/65≤100
MDWA1801606 Layer Amorphous180±181603 55/60/65≤100
MDWA2101907 Layer Amorphous210±201903 55/60/65/
MDWA2352158 Layer Amorphous235±232153 55/60/65/
MDWA2652459 Layer Amorphous265±262453 55/60/65/
MDWA29027010 Layer Amorphous290±292703 55/60/65/
MDWN0400201 Layer Nanocrystalline40±4203 55/60/65≤400
MDWN0600452 Layer Nanocrystalline60±6453 55/60/65≤200
MDWN0900703 Layer Nanocrystalline90±8703 55/60/65≤200
MDWN1100904 Layer Nanocrystalline110±10903 55/60/65≤100
MDWN1351205 Layer Nanocrystalline135±131203 55/60/65≤100
MDWN1601406 Layer Nanocrystalline160±161403 55/60/65≤100
MDWN1851657 Layer Nanocrystalline185±181653 55/60/65/
MDWN2101908 Layer Nanocrystalline210±211903 55/60/65/
MDWN2352159 Layer Nanocrystalline235±232153 55/60/65/
MDWN26024010 Layer Nanocrystalline260±252403 55/60/65/
Note: ①-Sheet: Customized, depending on drawings
          ②-Roll: Other width can be customized.

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