Magnetic speed sensors

Our Hall- and GMR-based magnetic speed sensors are designed to measure speed in safety and powertrain applications such as speedometers, ABS, camshafts/crankshafts and automatic transmissions. We offer a broad range of options to ensure the perfect fit for individual customer applications. By integrating the magnetic Hall or GMR sensing cell and the signal processing unit on a single chip, we deliver optimum performance and cost savings.

Magnetic speed sensors

Magnetic speed sensors

Highly robust, easy-to-use mono-Hall speed sensor with twist-independent mounting

This sensor is specially designed to provide an easy-to-use, robust and cost-effective solution for vehicle or industrial speed sensing applications. The TLE4922 can therefore be back-biased using a simple, low-cost bulk magnet, while providing a good air gap performance and switching accuracy. Its hidden adaptive hyster­esis and calibration algorithm enables good accuracy over air gap jumps and immunity to vibration and run-out events.

Thanks to its mono-cell design, the TLE4922 is the perfect choice for applications requiring twist-independent mount-ing. As a result, the TLE4922 is well suited for replacing passive sensors, such as Variable Reluctance Sensors (VRS), in automotive and 2-wheeler applications by providing the user with higher accura­cy and a better jitter performance. The improved EMC, ESD and temperature robustness are perfectly suited for use in the harsh environmental conditions prevalent in automotive or dedicated industrial applications. The TLE4922 comes in a thin 4-pin SSO-4-1 package using a standard 3-wire voltage interface.


Large operating air gap capability
Twist-independent mounting
Hidden adaptive hysteresis
Low current consumption
Reverse magnetic polarity capability
Advanced protection technology
Reverse voltage protection at Vs-pin
Short-circuit protection
Overtemperature protection
Wide operating temperature ranges of -40°C ≤ Tj ≤ ±150°C
High ESD robustness up to ±4 kV HBM
3-wire PWM voltage interface


2-wheeler – vehicle speed, engine speed, transmission speed
Automotive vehicle speed
Industrial applications