Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers are designed to remove nuisance and potentially dangerous tramp metal from roads, car parks and other hard surfaces. They reduce tyre punctures and enhance safety.

By allowing a permanent magnet to be suspended above the ground, magnetic sweepers attract and hold ferrous parts, nails, screws and other debris as they are moved around.

Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers

MPCO Magnetics has 3 ranges of magnetic sweepers:

Hand Push sweepers
Push/Pull/Tow sweepers
Forklift Mounted sweepers

PS Series – Hand Push Magnetic Sweepers

Self contained permanent magnetic sweeper for workshops, small paved areas and construction sites.
50mm floor clearance (adjustable from 25mm to 63mm).
simple release of collected material; pull the release handle to lift the magnet and the material falls off the lower tray.
fold down handle for storage.
available in 2 widths.
Model Width Weight
PS-24 610mm (24″) 20kg
PS-36 915mm (36″) 28kg

PPTS Series – Push/Pull/Tow Magnetic Sweepers

A rugged wheeled permanent magnetic sweeper that can be manually pushed or pulled by hand, or towed by maintenance vehicles, tractors and forklifts.

Used for sweeping roads, parking areas, tarmac, large workshop areas or any reasonably hard and smooth surface. Incorporates a self-leveling magnet to allow the towbar or handle to be operated at any height.

Magnet flips upside down for easier cleaning (the photos below show typical tramp metal collected from a short sweep of a car park).

Adjustable floor clearance of 25mm, 50mm or 75mm.

Model Width Weight
PPTS-48 1220mm 40kg
PPTS-72 1829mm 55kg

Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Sweepers

For forklift or truck mounting.

Used for sweeping roads, parking areas, tarmac, large workshop areas and construction sites.

130mm wide forklift channels are standard. Wider channels to suit your forklift tynes are available on request.

Available in 4 lengths. Custom sizes available on request.

Manufactured in our Melbourne factory.

XHDS series is available with or without an integrated self-cleaning tray (as pictured, closed and open).

Simply push down on the handles to open the tray and the collected material falls off.

Specifications for HDS Series (Heavy Duty). Up to 75mm floor clearance.

Model Length Width Weight
HDS-36 915mm 104mm 30kg
HDS-48 1220mm 104mm 35kg
HDS-60 1524mm 104mm 40kg
HDS-72 1829mm 104mm 55kg

Specifications for XHDS Series (Extra Heavy Duty). Up to 100mm floor clearance.

Model Length Width Weight
XHDS-36 915mm 154mm 45kg
XHDS-48 1220mm 154mm 58kg
XHDS-60 1524mm 154mm 70kg
XHDS-72 1829mm 154mm 82kg