Magnetic System Pot Magnet Assemblies

Permanent magnets can be assembled together with different kind of materials to build magnetic system for the purpose of getting much stronger holding to the ferromagnetic load or get an ideal magnetic field in a given space, and why magnetic assemblies are often regarded as a common solutions to many magnet applications?

Pot Magnet Assemblies

MPCO Pot Magnet not only have a potent attraction while in direct contact with the work piece, but also have the excellent field projection capabilities.
NEODYMIUM with higher operating Temperatures and Intrinsic Coercive Forces are available in these Pot Magnets. Samarium Cobalt and Stainless shells and shields are also manufactured. The all Stainless Pot Magnets, for both Alnico and Neodymium, are a Level I or II food grade unit.

Magnetic System Pot Magnets

Magnetic System Pot Magnets

The Features of Pot Magnet

Small size and powerful;
Powerful magnetic force is concentrated in one side only, almost no magnetic in the other three sides,the magnet is not easily crumbled;
The magnetic force is five times equivalent to the same volume magnet;
Pot magnet can suck on or move on metal surfaces freely;
Permanent magnetism and long service life.

Application of Magnetic Pot

Pot magnets are widely used in industrial and living areas, such as workshops, factories, warehouses, offices and so on.

Pot Magnet Assemblies

Pot Magnet Assemblies

Pot Magnet Note

The adsorption force of pot magnet is a vertical force in the vertical direction, the vertical force in horizontal direction will be much smaller.
Pot magnet is also related with the roughness of the adsorption interface.
According to customer demands, various types of adsorption force, magnetic materials and different styles of magnetic hooks can be produced.

Advantages of Magnetic Assemblies

Normally, magnetic assemblies are refer in particular to regular holding applications, and assemblies have the following advantages:

a. Enhanced mechanical strength. Inherently brittle is a serious problem during the application of Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite magnets. Repetitive mechanical shock between polar surface and work-piece may cause volume loss on magnets, thus lead to the certain degree of deterioration of magnetic field or attractive force. Permanent magnets and other non-magnetic parts such as ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal or plastic are assembles together will form a barrier that avoids damage during use.

b. Enhanced magnetic strength. Besides increased mechanical strength, the biggest purpose of magnetic assemblies is certainly increasing magnetic strength. That is, assemblies have more obvious advantages in cost compared with pure magnets under the same requirement of magnetic strength. Assemblies typically exhibit much higher attractive force in comparison with pure magnets due to flux conducting parts applied in it which as an integral part of the whole magnetic circuit. Magnetic field in a specific region can be improved and focused by utilizing magnetic induction of flux conducting parts. It also should be pointed out that even extremely small air gap between assemblies and work-piece can dramatically influence the magnetic strength.

c. Non-magnetic parts typically have incorporate mechanisms for different holding applications.

Advantages of Magnetic Pot Assemblies

MPCO team has also collected much experience in the customized assemblies and magnetic system, and we warmly welcome you to contact with MPCO Magnetics team to evaluate and obtain suitable and economic solution for your application.

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