Magnetization Direction of Square Block Magnet

At present, they are widely used in the market, such as square shaped magnets, which can be widely used in the market.

Don’t be careless when purchasing square magnets. It is necessary to know the magnetizing direction you want

There are many ways to magnetize a square magnet, which is different from that of a disc magnet. When purchasing a square magnet, if you are not sure, you’d better confirm with your colleagues which side is the use side. Once you say or express wrong, the magnet will be scrapped, and your product may not meet the expectation or cannot be used at all, causing immeasurable losses.

There are three ways to magnetize a square magnet, which are thickness magnetization, i.e. the upper and lower two large surfaces are strong magnetic surfaces. Side magnetization, that is, the left and right sides have strong magnetic force. The magnetization of the end face, that is, the length of the end is 2 and the area of the end has strong magnetic force. This may not be easy to understand. Take a look at the figure below.

Magnetization Direction of Square Block Magnet

Magnetization Direction of Square Block Magnet

Generally, our customer service will ask you a direction of magnetization (must ask questions), please don’t bother, we are also for you, to avoid making wrong goods, Hello, I am good, everyone is good.

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