Market And Direction Of Dry Magnetic Separator

At present, as iron ore beneficiation technology and quality of concentrates are rising, due to the characteristics of iron ore being lean, miscellaneous, fine, and various types, the new requirements of iron and steel industry for iron ore concentrates are proposed to beneficiaries. New challenges. Therefore, the metallurgical and mine processing equipment and mineral processing technology have further development.

Dry Magnetic Separator

Dry Magnetic Separator

While continuing to attach importance to iron and silicon reduction technology for iron ore concentrates, more attention should be paid to the study of other harmful impurity technologies, including S, P, K, Na, and F. In grinding, sorting equipment, should pay attention to the development of energy-saving ultra-fine ball mill equipment, should promote the work of advanced technology and equipment, as soon as possible to enhance the overall level of iron ore technology and equipment. At the same time supporting the consideration of coarse-grained tailing process and related equipment development and research work. The development of energy-saving beneficiation equipment capable of effectively recovering fine-grained iron minerals should be further strengthened, including permanent magnetization, flotation machines, and flotation columns for ferromagnetic equipment. It is necessary to make a deeper study of dry magnetic separators with multi-segment selection performance.

While promoting the application of high-quality iron ore beneficiation technology represented by magnetic separation-reverse flotation, high-efficiency magnetic separation (magnetic reselection), and dry magnetic separator, the beneficiation process should be as efficient and simple as possible. Therefore, the research on mineral processing equipment and beneficiation process should be strengthened, and the best results should be obtained with the most appropriate process. Anti-flotation technology has important application prospects for improving metal recovery, and research on anti-floating agents should be actively strengthened. In the field of flotation equipment, the current research mainly focuses on large-scale and energy-saving. The lower limit of the flotation size is reduced, and the complex force field is introduced into the flotation machine. In addition, the automatic control of the flotation machine should also be strengthened. For the application of flotation columns in iron ore mines, there is still a lot of work to be done with great prospects. The

In respect of beneficiation agents, emphasis should be placed on the development of pharmaceuticals with strong adaptability to various ores, high efficiency, low temperature resistance, and non-toxicity; and the preparation of compounding agents that are simultaneously formulated and added at the same time; currently, it is necessary to focus on the development of non-quartz silicic acid capable of flotation. Salt gangue mineral efficient collectors, expanding the application of anti-flotation process. The research on beneficiation technology of inlaid fine-grained red iron ore and composite polymetallic red iron ore should be further strengthened to further improve the utilization rate of China’s poor red iron ore.