Meta Injection Molding Application , MIM technology

Automotive components have been widely produced by MIM technology. Initial success was found in locking mechanisms, transmission synchronizers, airbag sensor, interior knobs, turn-signal controls, and engine oxygen sensors. MIM can be in application that require shape complexity and prove difficult to produce by competing processes. Examples such like ignition key component, sensor mounts, magnetic sensor, airbag actuator, convertible roof clip, steel sensor for cruise control, fuel injection pressure flow control components, oxygen sensor in automatic automotive engine control systems, steering system clevis, rocker arm and so on.

Meta Injection Molding Application

Meta Injection Molding Application

A difficulty with aerospace application is the materials need to withstand elevated temperatures in aggressive environments best satisfied by superalloys (nickel-based or cobalt-based) or titanium alloys. One problem is the need for extensive test data, such as fracture toughness, fatigue, and stress rupture properties, which require expensive qualification testing. Clearly a barrier is the lack of materials data needed to qualify the components. Recent efforts have examined unmanned structure and low stress application for latches, hinges, fuel, and brake components. Meta Injection Molding Application

The Medical industry labels this the highest growth market for MIM and continuing growth will be realized in Medical components. Some interesting near-term application are driven by desires to reduce cost and improve durability. Blood contamination and resistance to aggressive sterilization procedures is another issue, especially if high strength is required such as in a surgical tool. Most of the medical instrument applications can be satisfied by MIM stainless steels, usually 304L, 316L, 420, 440C, or 630(17-4 PH). Meta Injection Molding Application

MIM is widely used in producing computer components such as magnet, balance and latches. Besides disk drive components, MIM produce mechanical parts for printers, data storage, connector, socks, junction and heat sinks.
Computer disk drive components are ideal for MIM. Most of the pieces are fabricated from ferrous alloy. Another computer application is in heat dissipation around microcircuits. The savings realized by MIM versus casting are significant. For cost and property reason, MIM has become the process of choice. Meta Injection Molding Application

OA System (Business machines) are a mature application for MIM. Many early successes in matrix dot printers followed the introduction of MIM steels. Other uses were in postal meter parts from toll steels and zirconia. There is further opportunity in high speed printing devices.

MIM technology is widely used in hardware applications, such as stainless-steel plumbing valves, stems, fittings, and locking mechanisms. Other targets include hinges, latches, door fixtures and decorative components like door knockers. Today, many simple shapes are produced by MIM approach to hand tools. These include screwdrivers, wrenches and insert designs. Several professional tool firms are using MIM for new generations of wrenches, pliers, wire cutters, pipe threaders and other high durability tools. Meta Injection Molding Application

Metal injection molding has found applications in household and personal appliance markets. Examples include simple objects ranging from fingernail clippers to ceramic buttons. The range of household items produced by MIM includes tea and coffee cups, beer mugs, cosmetic cases, component for electric toothbrushes, hair trimmers, eyeglass frames, can openers, electric knives, pot handles, knives, kitchen tools, win bottle cork extractors and blenders. Meta Injection Molding Application

Sensor Block Magnet Sm2Co17

Sensor Block Magnet Sm2Co17 5x5x7mm


Sintered SmCo Disc Magnet Ø6x6mm Axial

Sintered SmCo Disc Magnet Ø6x6mm Axial

Disk SmCo Sensor Magnet Ø6x2.5mm Axial

Disk SmCo Sensor Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Axial


Ø6x2.5mm Diametral Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Dimension

Disc Sensor SmCo Magnet Ø6×2.5mm Diametral