Method For Improving Iron Removing Effect – The iron remover is a kind of equipment that can produce a powerful magnetic attraction. Its purpose is to remove the iron and other magnetic materials mixed in the raw material, so as to ensure the safety and normal work of the mechanical equipment such as crusher and ball mill in the conveying system.

The iron removal efficiency of the iron remover is generally not high in our country. In order to improve the efficiency of the iron removal, some factories usually use the 2 or 3 stage iron removal methods, but still can not meet the requirements of the plant. The main reason is that the iron material at the bottom of the coal seam is less electromagnetic force, and it is also subjected to the pressure of the upper coal, so the effect of iron removal is not effective. The fruit is not good.

Iron Removing Effect

Iron Removing Effect

In recent years, a method to improve the efficiency of iron removal has been developed. A short time strong excitation is carried out on the electromagnet, that is, a sensor is installed at the front of the electromagnet pole and the bottom of the conveyor belt. The purpose is to detect the magnetic material which is the farthest and weakest of the pole, and then the sensor will be detected by the sensor. The signal is transmitted to the strong excitation rectifier to give the magnetic material a short Shi Jiagao power supply to the magnet ring when the magnetic material is passed below the pole, thus producing a powerful magnetic flux, which will increase the electromagnetic suction for a short time, so that the magnetic material buried in the depth can be sucked out, and then the voltage will be restored to the normal power supply state.

The purpose of the sensor installed in front of the pole is to avoid the interference of the magnetic field of the electromagnet. In general, when the iron material is in the upper or middle of the coal seam, the sensor is not allowed to send the effective signal. Only when the iron is buried at the bottom of the coal seam, the effective signal can be sent.

The sensor has the following links:

Normal excitation trigger control link

The main purpose is the normal excitation control of the electromagnet. It is necessary to have the trigger pulse phase shift adjustment function, control the silicon controlled KP1 and KP2 of the main circuit, to realize the normal excitation current regulation.

Strong excitation delay control link

It provides time delay when the iron material is detected and the iron material is running to the front end of the electromagnet pole. Then the strong excitation control signal is started, the strong excitation trigger is started, the strong excitation is carried out at the best time, and the strong excitation time is reduced as much as possible. It is good to catch the good opportunity.Iron Removing Effect

Strong excitation time control link

The strong excitation time is mainly controlled, and the strong excitation time is controlled at the front of the pole boots before running. To the back end of the running pole, the strong excitation time can be controlled in the best range.Iron Removing Effect

Strong excitation control link

Under the control of strong excitation delay and strong excitation time, it mainly sends strong excitation trigger pulses to the strong thyristor KP3 and KP4 timely, and carries out strong excitation. In addition, the phase-shift control is not needed for the trigger pulse, only the trigger angle can be controlled to the minimum value, so that a greater exciting current can be obtained.Iron Removing Effect

At present, when the effect of iron removal is not satisfactory, the method of “short time strong excitation” has greatly improved this situation and has a great potential for application.Iron Removing Effect