Motor Arc Segment Magnet Drawing Reference

In the case where there is no or inconvenient to provide arc magnet samples, drawings are also very important for magnet manufacturers, which is related to the accuracy of arc segmented magnets, so custom or need motor arc magnet magnetic tiles (Ferrite arc magnet NdFeB arc magnet) When taking samples, the magnet salesman will ask you to provide drawings of arc magnets, as well as the required purchase quantity, which country to send to, etc. You do a price check.

For customers who have rarely touched this piece or use arc magnets for the first time, they may be a little confused. What key data does the magnetic tile need to provide? Is there a two-dimensional map (2D drawing) of the magnetic tile for reference?

Motor Arc Segment Magnet Drawing Reference

Motor Arc Segment Magnet Drawing Reference

The following are the drawings and key data annotations of the motor arc tile magnet.

90℃ arc magnet n35 grade Drawing

90℃ arc magnet n35 grade Drawing

Strontium Ferrite Arc Magnet Drawing

Multipole arc magnet with two poles on one face

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