Motor Magnets for Electric Fans

Ferrite magnets are fabricated by calcining the mixture of Barium or Strontium carbonate and iron to form a metallic oxide. Almost all of ferrite arc magnet is used in motor applications. As the core component of the permanent magnet direct current (DC) motor, ferrite arc magnet is commonly used in the motors of household electrical appliance, automotive, and power tools. Ferrite magnets have excellent temperature stability which can be utilized up to 250 degrees Celsius besides superior corrosion resistance.

Ceramic Ferrite magnet is one of the most cost-effective magnetic materials. It has a fair to good resistance toward corrosion and it can operate in moderate heat. Ceramic Ferrite magnets are low energy products and they are usually used in assemblies containing mild steel.

Ceramic magnets are manufactured using powder technology techniques. The primary raw material – ferrite – is made by using iron oxide and strontium carbonate. Ferrite Magnet represents more than 75 percent of world magnet consumption (by weight). Ferrite Magnet is the first choice for most types of DC motors, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging and automotive sensors.

Motor Magnets for Electric Fans

Motor Magnets for Electric Fans

1. Floor fan

The floor fan is the most common electric fan. The bottom is fixed by the base, the support bar is raised to height, and then connected to the motor and the fan blade. This kind of electric fan has sufficient wind power and is suitable for larger rooms. It has a larger steering angle and takes care of as much space as possible. The disadvantage is that the gap between the grille is large, which can easily hurt children.

2. Rotary fan

The motor of the rotary fan is small and hardly protrudes after being connected to the fan blade. The fan is only slightly larger than the fan blade. The wind direction is adjusted by the rotation of the net cover in front of the fan blade, which is easy to move. Smaller.

3. Tower fan

The tower fan rotates through the internal wind wheel and releases the wind through the optical flow fan to form an airflow. Similar to the principle of an air conditioner, it has the advantages of small footprint and stylish appearance, but the general air volume is suitable for small units. The noise is slightly louder and it is not easy to clean up the dust. Most of the tower fans are not very high and cannot adjust the up and down angles, so the wind direction is relatively low and the legs are often blown.

How to choose electric fans in summer

4. Air-conditioning fan

The air-conditioning fan is also called the cooling fan. In fact, it has nothing to do with the air-conditioning, and there is no compressor for cooling. The air-conditioning fan sucks air through the motor and releases it after cooling. It is usually cooled by water or ice crystals. The exhaust air is slightly lower than the ordinary fan, but it has basically no effect on the indoor temperature, so only when the air-conditioning fan blows directly on the body. It feels cooler than ordinary fans, but due to the use of water for cooling, the cool air blown out has a high humidity, and it is very easy to get rheumatism if it is blown for a long time. If it is a humid climate in the south, it will be more and more humid. So there are two words to describe the air conditioner fan, “If you hate him, give him the air conditioner fan”; “The air conditioner can be bought, the fan can also be bought, but the combination of the air conditioner and the fan cannot be bought.” What is even more thrilling than [2] is that some people once wanted to use air-conditioning fans as cheap humidifiers.

There is also a mobile air conditioner with a compressor, which is essentially different from the air conditioner fan, and cannot be counted as an electric fan type, and the price is usually relatively high.

5. No blade fan

The bladeless fan was originally invented by DYSON (Dyson), so named because there is no fan blade on the outside. In fact, there is a turbo fan sucking air into the hollow ring and sending air through the gap provided in the ring. The circular cross section of the air multiplier adopts the shape similar to the wing of the aircraft, and uses the Coanda Effect and the same effect as the wing lift to increase the air volume. Due to patent problems, except for Dyson, only domestic cottage factories are doing it. Most of the cottage factories have poor quality, high noise and low air volume. If you want a better experience without blade fans, it is recommended to choose Dyson genuine, but the price is more expensive than the low-end air conditioner, about 2,000 yuan.

1. Number of fan blades

Considering the characteristics of rotation balance, the number of blades of an electric fan is generally odd, and even-numbered blades are prone to resonance when rotating, causing damage. The original fan was basically a three-leaf fan. In recent years, many five-leaf fans have appeared. This is because the more fan blades, the more uniform and soft the wind is cut, but the more fan blades, the more the motor load Large, so the number of fan blades should not be too large.

2. Type of electric fan motor

Most motors now use an aluminum casing, and the internal coil uses copper wire. The aluminum casing mainly has high heat dissipation efficiency. There are also some old-fashioned fans that use an iron casing, but iron is heavier than aluminum, and it is not as good as aluminum.

Many electric fan brands are now preaching their own motors, and they are given some names, such as:

Pioneer aluminum core motor, according to the characteristics of aluminum, it is impossible to become the coil material inside the motor, and Pioneer ’s own promotional materials are often mixed with aluminum core and aluminum shell, which is a confusing concept of slogan, no difference from ordinary motors .

Midea MD-SQD motor, in fact, SQD stands for Safe, Quiet, Durable, not a technical name, and it is not much different from traditional motors.

Gree 4S high-efficiency motors are similar to SQD motors. 4S stands for Smooth running, Soundless, Safe, and Save energy, which are also not technical names.

Although there is no obvious technical difference between the motors of various brands, the big brand motors must be more guaranteed. As long as the materials and workmanship are reliable, no advanced technology is required to persist for 10 years.

How to choose electric fans in summer

3. Pumawick lubricants

Pumawick lubricant is a solid fiber lubricant developed by American PERMAWICK company. The advantages are: high oil content, good oil retention, and can control the oil release rate of the lubricating oil. The temperature range is wide, thereby extending the use of the motor life. At present, Midea, Gree, Airmate, Pioneer, Watson and other major brands have electric fans that use Pumawick lubricants, and the lubricants are only auxiliary after all, and do not need to be too concerned.

How to choose electric fans in summer

4. Details to be paid attention to when purchasing and using

When buying electric fans in the store, you should pay more attention to the problem of motor heating. The hotter the motor, the greater the internal loss or the poor heat dissipation. You also need to pay attention to whether the minimum windshield is small enough and whether the noise is acceptable. Whether it has a remote control function, the remote control can be very convenient to control the electric fan, the best choice for household use is the model with remote control.

In use, pay attention to the fact that there is no cover behind the fan. The fan needs to draw in air to generate airflow. The warranty of the fan is one year, and there are often problems when it is used in the second year, so it is best to try whether all functions are normal before the end of the warranty period.

9 novel fans

Time-controlled electric fan

Only need to set the working time of the fan, it will be turned on and off according to your settings.

Sound-controlled electric fan

The sound-controlled electric fan developed by the US General Electric Company is equipped with a miniature electronic receiver. It only needs to clap hands twice in a place no more than 3 meters, and the electric fan will automatically run; if it claps three times in succession, the electric fan It will automatically stop.

Air-conditioning fan

A new electric fan combining a fan and a refrigerator has been launched on the European market. The fan has a refrigeration movement with a mixed liquid in the central cylinder of the movement. Put the movement in the refrigerator for 3 hours and take it out for use , You can blow out the cold wind, giving people the feeling of blowing cold air.

Noise-free electric fan

The almost noise-free electric fan developed by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan is equipped with special bird-winged blades, which can generate a vortex airflow, and adopts a DC motor without a protective cover. It is very suitable for microcomputers, word processors, Use in copier locations.

Lamp head electric fan

The electric fan invented in the United States, which can be installed on the base of the light bulb, is small and exquisite, and can be used as long as the base of the light bulb is installed. It is not only easy to install, but also saves energy.

Four seasons electric fan

This kind of electric fan produced in Germany can be used in all seasons. It is equipped with a far-infrared heater and a negative ion generator, which can send cool wind in summer and hot wind in winter, and negative ion wind throughout the year. Disease prevention and health care effect.

Matchbox fan

This mini fan developed in France is only the size of a matchbox, 14 mm thick, 62 mm long, and weighs only 45 grams. It uses 12 to 24 volts of direct current, two watts of power, and a continuous life of up to 10,000. hour.

Fuzzy micro-control electric fan

This advanced electric fan introduced by Toshiba Corporation of Japan is equipped with 7 levels of air volume, such as strong, normal, and weak. It can automatically select the best air supply according to the temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. If someone touches the grille, it will automatically stop turning.

Anti-injury finger fan

The American Robertson Industrial Company introduced two new fans. As long as a human finger touches the cover of this electric fan, it will transmit an electric pulse signal to its control system to stop the rotation of the electric fan to prevent finger injury.

Small electric fan

It is suitable for going out in summer or when there is no cooling tool nearby. There are many such fans. Those with battery, rechargeable, USB interface are also a good tool in summer.

Metal fan

Metal fan, also known as metal fan, metal electric fan, refers to the electric fan manufacturing material is metal, such as iron and copper. In developed countries in Europe and America, the metal fan has become a high-end home decoration with her unique artistic charm and metal texture, and is welcomed and loved by consumers. This trend has been brought to China by Kang Yiju and is affecting more and more families.

10 power saving methods

First of all, when you buy, you must choose products of excellent quality. Due to the low technical threshold of the fan industry and the uneven products on the market, you must choose products of well-known brands to ensure quality.

Secondly, because electric fans can directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, the power consumption is very low, the maximum power is only 60W, which is equivalent to the power consumption of ordinary lighting desk lamps. Therefore, from the perspective of energy saving, the use of electric fans in the summer season is undoubtedly Is the best choice. When the electric fan is used together with the air conditioner, the temperature of the air conditioner is set at 26 ° C to 28 ° C, which will save electricity and money.

Third, as far as the use of the fan itself is concerned, a fan with a large blade generally has a large electric power and consumes a lot of electrical energy. The power consumption of the electric fan is proportional to the rotation speed of the blade. For example, a 400 mm electric fan consumes 60W in fast gear, and only 40W in slow gear. The power consumption of the fastest gear and the slowest gear of the same electric fan differs by 40%. Therefore, the fast gear is usually opened first. After cooling down, you can reduce the power consumption of the electric fan by using slow gear. In the case that the air volume meets the requirements for use, try to use medium or slow gear.

Fourth, when in use, the fan is best placed next to doors and windows to facilitate air circulation, improve the cooling effect, shorten the use time, and reduce power consumption.

Finally, pay attention to the maintenance of the fan, keep its good performance, and avoid the deformation and vibration of the fan blade. This will also help save electricity to a certain extent.

11 Power calculation

1. The power formula is: P = UIP is the power of the motor, U is the voltage, and I is the current.

2. Before calculation, use a multimeter to measure the current and voltage used, and then use the formula to calculate.

12 Future Fan

Today’s electric fans have changed the traditional image in people’s impression, and are more personalized in appearance and function. Computer control, natural wind, sleep wind, negative ion function and other functions that originally belonged to air conditioners have also been adopted by many electric fan manufacturers, and more practical functions such as lighting and mosquito repellent have been added. These eclectic and versatile products herald the development trend of the entire electric fan industry.

In the era of pursuing personalized fashion and refinement, consumers seem to have a soft spot for petite and cute home appliances. As a result, the page fan with cute appearance, bright colors and small size, various portable electric fans came into being. The casings and fan pages of these electric fans are made of plastic. They are extremely lightweight overall. Together with their small size and beautiful colors and appearance, they are very popular once they are launched.

Various new functions have been added to the electric fan, which not only highlights the personality, but also invisibly improves the grade. For example, the earlier and more practical remote control function was developed, which made the operation get rid of a certain space limitation, and coupled with the dynamic display of the LCD screen, the operation was clear at a glance. As consumers pay more and more attention to health, manufacturers started to focus on improving air quality, so they added functions such as negative ion, oxygen bar, and ultraviolet sterilization.

In addition, the mosquito repellent fan can evaporate the mosquito repellent substance by electric heating, and quickly send the mosquito repellent substance to various places in the room with the help of the wind; the small fan with the “fragrant fragrance” function contains a fragrance piece in the rotating shaft in the middle of the fan piece With the rotation of the fan, the scent of the flower will also float out, and the fragrance can be replaced at will; the ceiling fan with lighting function integrates the lighting and fan functions. They all attracted consumption by virtue of a unique function. The eyes of the writer.

International energy shortages and domestic power shortages occur frequently. Energy-saving functions will be a development direction that cannot be ignored. The air conditioning fan located between the air conditioner and the fan uses water as a medium, and uses the phase change heat absorption law of the substance and the principle of water evaporation potential to send cold air below room temperature, while the built-in conventional electric heat source can send warm and humid wind. In addition, energy-saving and environmentally friendly fans with battery fans or using solar energy as energy will also be promoted and applied in the future.

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