MPCO Magnet Client Messages

I have a 2006 Yamaha r1. And im looking for the magneto rotor that goes around the stator. I don’t need the whole assembly just the basket with magnets
I am looking for a 10 inch round magnetic milling chuck. I am putting it on a rotary table. Can you send me some options?
Please provide technical specs, dimensions, pull strength, etc Also pricing and delivery for quantity 4 ea..
I am looking to build my own subwoofers. I need to come up with a motor for them looking at a quad stack 11″ od. 5″ inside dis 1″ thick. Would that be something you could make
“Please send a quote for a single can / magnetic holder.

Thank you,

MPCO Magnet Client Messages

MPCO Magnet Client Messages

Hi, I should repair a flywheel of a 1000 Suzuki. Do you perform the repair? Thank you
“Hi I’m interested in buying 40 magnets. These will be used for our white board at work.

10 red
10 yellow
10 green
10 black”
Can I order flexible magnet sheets self adhesiveֳ one side silicone paper A3 ?
50 pcs.

If possible than how much is the cost ?

hello, I need 1/4×1/4×2.50″ alnico bar in a5,a8,a5 7 and also ceramic c8 with magnetize on face/2.50″ side. company is Kingston orbiter we make guitar pickups.
We are looking for a magnetic coupling with a breakdown torque of 10 Nm. By breakdown torque we mean that this is the torque at which the coupling will slip to the next pole pair. The minimal internal diameter should be 16 mm. The maximum external diameter is 90 mm. The axial height of the magnet part should be as small as possible. Could you give me some more details of your products?
hi, I have a flywheel of a 1000 dl broken. a magnet has been set up. do you carry out the repair? thank you
i’m interested in buying a few PTFE-coated stir bars for capillary tubes. The diameter of the tubes is between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm, so I’m thinking of triangular or bar-shaped magnets about 1×1 mm
Thanks, SC”

I’m searching for a multipole that can be used in a speed sensor application on a motor shaft with a diameter of 22-25mm. I do not need a high resolution (at least 10 poles, min. pole length is 1mm) as the system is not very dynamic. I have the following questions about your products:

1) Can you please send me a quote for the MR20-44 magnet with a quantity of 15.000 pcs per year?
2) What’s the approximate production time if we order 15.000 pcs of the MR20-44?
3) We need a multipole-ring that is available for at least 10 years, can you estimate if this is valid for
4) Can you provide a multipole like the MR20-44 with a ‘zero’-mark (e.g. a pole that is twice as long as the others to get an absolute position (as an optional feature)?
5) Can you provide some samples of the ?

Best regards,

“Can you make multi poles radial ring magnet up to 28 poles or more (magnet grade N45SH ,NdFeB) ?

We are working in a research lab . We would like to have some magnetic shelf to hold some not very heavy materials under our bio-safety hood.

Looking for a quote on both the Also am I correct the the MSBF-33 actually weighs 110.23 lbs?
“Would like a quote on the following items.

TFN-1.6100 100 x 30
TFN-1.6150 150 x 40”
“Good afternoon,
I am looking for some magnets system for concrete plates production. I need some sytem based on Your shutering system but I need it on 200 mm hight and with diferent lenghts .

When you have some aditional qestion, please write me an e mail.

Best regards
“Dear Sir,

Please tell me the price of 60 ml ferro fluid for academic research work. The price should include all the taxes and freight charges to India.

Dr. Lalit Thakur,
Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engg. Department
NIT Kurukshetra, India”

bonjour fais tille 300 comme vous le dite
Do you manufacture ultra thin “reverse” electro magnets (hold when power is off and release what power is applied)? If so can you provide specs such as height, and holding power specifically? Thank you, I look forward to getting this information.
“Por favor necesito cotización por 9 de las barras con el codigo No. 45MBAR24, N45M, 1 24″” 1 / 4-20 0.27
“I need a magnetic drive coupling for a 2HP, 1750 RPM motor that will be connected to a VFD control. The environment is classified as Class 1, Division I, Group D. This is being used on a chemical reactor mixer. The mixer is 316SS and uses Kalrez elastomers.

Please let me know what model would meet our requirements, what would be the cost, and purchasing source.

Thanks,” Magnet Client Messages

we Need magnetic jointball 10mm size

What is the MQQ?”

We are looking for a seal-less coupling to transmit the torque between and electric motor and a turbine and thought your disc magnetic coupling might meet our need.
could you please offer us a quote for a disc magnetic coupling with the following specifications:
– Torque: 350 Nm (max)
– Speed: 9000 rpm
– Bore diameter: 40 mm
Could you also please advise what would be the lead time from placing the order to get it deliver.

Regards,”Can I please get a quote for 2000 flat pot neodymium magnets. Size 25mmx7mm. Also is it possible for them to come in black instead of silver? What would the cost be to do that? My company is base in the USA so I would need a shipping cost too.

Thank you” Magnet Client Messages
“Kindly send me a quote for your magnetic viewing film. Size 25 x 25cm
10 to 20 foils

Please with shipping price.

Thank you.

I am working at Hyperlopp TT
we are looking for a very smal U shape linear motor ( U width = 15mm, U depth ~50mm, length = 1000mm )
Can you manufacture this product ?

“I want acquire a pair of footwear,but I don’t know which webstore is greater.
Who can give me some recommend?”

I am looking for a price on the -31 and the -32

Thank you,”
“Please quote me on 20 sets of earth magnetic jewelry clasps. I need the strongest you have. Thanks
PS I am in Canada”
“I would like to enquire about some of your precast magnets. Magnet Client Messages

Can you send me your latest price list and minimum quantities?

I am interested in the following items:
Shuttering Magnets
Magnetic Fixing Plates
Triangle Magnet Chamfer strip
Magnetic Recess Members.
Shuttering Magnet Lever

I will need to ship them to Sydney, Australia.”
I’m interested in the MSBF-31 and its dimensions and cost.
“I would like to check pricing and availability on the following items.

TFN-1.6100 100 x 30
TFN-1.6150 150 x 40

If possible could I have estimated shipping time as well.
Thank you!”

Je voudrais un devis pour 31 base magnétique avec filet M8 x 1,25 mm, 67 x 50 x 55 mm y compris les frais d’envoi en France. Magnet Client Messages

Bien cordialement.”
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I am a researcher at Polytechnic University of Catalunya in Spain.
Currently I am developing a new product (a kind of wheel encoder) for a big company.
After having a look to you Website I think your company can be a supplier for multipole radial ring magnets for the sensor.
We need a ring with 44 poles. ID:35mm; OD:39mm; Thinkness:2mm; length:10mm. See the attached file.
Actually I am prototyping the sensor with 44 small magnets. Magnet Client Messages
1.- Can you give us a quotation for this multipole radial ring magnet?
2.- We need an offer for this quantities: from 4000 -10000 units and from 10000 – 20000 units.
3.- Do you have any of you product that approximately are near of our dimensions.
4.- Can I have some samples to evaluate first?

Thanks in advance


can you make me an offer for item -WP and item -WP? also minimum order quantity.
Thank you”
“Good Day!
I would like to order 1000 neodium N50 rods D1.0xL5.0 inches diametrically magnetized.
Let me know your possibility to do it and production delay and delivery.
Thank you and have a great Day.”
I need 20 pieces ..thank you ?

I’d need 24 PTFE coated magnetic balls, diameter 10mm +- 0.05mm

Anything you would have in stock? I live ion Switzerland, please include a shipment price estimation

Kind regards”
“I am looking for a quote on ceramic rod magnets measuring 3/16 x 1/2. I would be interested in a quote on neodymium or alnico 8 rods with the same measurements if available.

Currently, these are needed for prototyping but will be interested in long-term when manufacturing begins.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply.”
“Recessed Magnetic Touch Latch

please send 10 samples please”
please send quote for gun magnet. Thank you
I need magnet
“I would like to buy 4x sand cast Alnico 4 bar magnets.

Emile d’Eon
25 Muskoka ave
Etobicoke, ON
M8W 1H5
How much and how long?
“Hey, how is it going? Can we schedule a time to talk this week?

Im intrested in buying magnets, could you provide me with a quote for 30pcs GPBA4-2, and 50 pcs GPBA5-3

Best Regard Sven-Erik Söderberg”
what is the price for f200x2?”

I am interested in purchasing whiteboards, enamel boards, whiteboards on rollers and others for the German market.

Have you exported product to Europe already?
What products to what countries?

Best regards,

Alexander Moroz
Sourcing Manager”
I want to buy 3 –MR01 to keep my barn door closed.
“I have used this or something similar for diving. I need a strength of about 3kgs and if price is correct would want 10 – 30 in number
Hello sir we requarment microwave Ferrite for WR 90 X- bend Triangle shape,
“I represent a registered company in Nigeria, pls we want to know ur quote for ur various sizes of magnet suitable for DC electric motor.
We shall be glad to have your quote, Pls we want to know if your block magnet has provision for fastening to a radial drum.
Thank you.
Medjor Anthony.”

Thin Samarium Cobalt Disk Magnets for Transmission Devices Sensors D20X2.5mm

D20X2.5mm Permanent SmCo / Samarium Cobalt Circle Magnets for Industry

Sintered SmCo Circle Disc Magnets for Aerospace YXG-32

Sintered Samarium Circle Disk Magnet D20X8mm YXG-30

Samarium Cobalt 5G Circulator Magnets

5G Technology Microwave Ferrite Magnets