MPCO Magnetic Component And Magnetic Material

Passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certification

Neodymium iron boron magnet has stable performance and strong reliability

MPCO has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system successively to ensure that every link has strict quality control
MPCO has a complete set of magnet production equipment, from product ingredients, smelting, sintering and other processing.
Low cost and high efficiency of various complex & special permanent magnets

MPCO has a complete set of magnet shape processing equipment, so as to ensure the processing of some complex and precise shapes.
Creation technicians can analyze and work out the processing flow of special magnet to ensure the production efficiency and reduce the cost.
Provide different coating according to the customer’s requirements, salt spray resistance test can be carried out from 24-200 hours

MPCO Magnetic Component And Magnetic Material

MPCO Magnetic Component And Magnetic Material

MPCO magnetics Co., Ltd has the industry leading neodymium iron boron plating line and plating technology
Can provide gold, silver, nickel, zinc, epoxy, Parylene, phosphating and other different coatings for magnets, so as to ensure the appearance and service life of products.
Structure design and optimization of various permanent magnet components, assembly fixture and process design & Production

MPCO has special engineers and technicians to optimize the product structure and cost of various permanent magnet components
Star creation technicians will conduct a complete evaluation and final determination of the assembly process and the required fixture
All kinds of magnetic frame production, sealing strong & waterproof, surface magnetic energy up to 9000 Gauss

The magnetic field of the magnetic frame produced by Xingchuang is stable and uniform in different areas, with good consistency
The product has good sealing performance, excellent workmanship and bright and clean surface.
All kinds of permanent magnet hook production, suction size can be customized

MPCO magnetics Co., Ltd can produce permanent magnet hooks of different materials, such as NdFeB, ferrite and other materials.

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