MPCO Magnetics Starts to Use Water-based Cutting Fluid

The cutting fluid is an essential accessory material to the cutting process. For NdFeB magnet, the grinding heat at grinding area will reach 1000 to 1500 deg C during the slicing and grinding processes, the NdFeB magnet is likely to appear spot annealing, surface burning, oxidation, crack and deformation in this situation.

MPCO Magnetics Starts to Use Water-based Cutting Fluid

MPCO Magnetics Starts to Use Water-based Cutting Fluid

The functions of cutting fluid

Cooling: Thecutting fluid with suitable pressure and flow can take the cutting heat away; it can also enhance the durability of tools and machining accuracy.

Anti-corrosion: Due to the existence of rare earth element, the cutting fluid needsto contain antirust agent and antioxidant to avoid the corrosion and oxidation of the NdFeB magnet.

Reduce frictional coefficient: The cutting fluid will reducethe feeding force by lowering the frictional coefficient between NdFeB magnet and grinding wheels. The roughness of the NdFeB magnet can also be improved by this lubrication action.

Cleaning: The surfactant in the cutting fluid will emulsify and disperse the greasy dirt on the work piece,eventually the dirt will be removed by the flow and pressure of cutting fluid.

The cutting fluid can be divided into water-based and oil-based. The oil-based cutting fluid is still widely used by most of Chinese NdFeB factories. The production environment of these factories is full of oil fog, and the oil fog is not only harmful to human health, but also dangerous to cause fire accidents.

The water-based cutting fluid will provide excellent cooling effect, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is gradually replacing the oil-based fluid in metal-processing industry including permanent magnet industry. However, the best advantage of the water-based cutting fluid is its contribution to environmental protection. We care about the environment.