Multifunctional resistive information storage materials and devices

Memory is one of the core and cornerstone of modern information technology. The development of new high-performance memories based on new principles, new structures and new materials is conducive to the development and progress of information technology. Resistive RAM (RRAM) is a new type of storage technology based on the resistive switching effect. We have been working on key and common basic scientific issues such as the controllable construction and effective regulation of nano-conducting channels and interface structures in resistive memory, focusing on the use of electrical, optical, magnetic, force and other multi-physics fields to determine the resistance state of devices. Research on new methods of precise control and related physical mechanisms, and explore effective ways to realize multi-valued, functional and flexible devices, so as to promote the development of information technology. It also provides important support for the development of flexible wearable electronic technology.

Multifunctional Resistive Information Storage Materials and Devices

Multifunctional Resistive Information Storage Materials and Devices

This direction is based on resistive memory, and controls the migration, distribution, charge and magnetic moment of ions/atoms inside the device through various physical fields, so that the resistance value of the device changes non-volatile and reversible, revealing the relevant physical laws and mechanism, and explore its potential applications in emerging fields such as flexible electronics and artificial intelligence. The main research contents include:

(1) The evolution process and mechanism of the ion/atomic state inside the device under the action of various physical fields;

(2) The influence rule and mechanism of the ion/atomic state inside the device on the macroscopic electrical transport characteristics of the device;

(3) Fabrication and performance optimization of flexible/elastic resistive memory materials and devices;

(4) Design, preparation and application of brain-like neuromorphic resistive materials and devices.

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