Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies, also known as Round Cup Magnets, RB Magnets or Magnetic cup assembly Round Countersunk Magnet. Cup Magnet can be used for a wide range of applications where a strong attractive force is required. Surface of round cup magnet is plated with nicuni surface treatment and have good anti-corrosion effect, thus it also could be used in outdoor environment. The highest operate temperature is 80 ℃(176 ℉,high temperature will decrease its magnetism and please avoid do it.

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies can hold object without scratching. excellent for attaching signs to automobile.Constructed of a steel cup with a Neodymium Magnet assembled inside, the round magnetic cups have a countersink or axial hole provided for easy fixing. Available with neodymium magnets or Ferrite Magnet configure inside the cup. The Neodymium magnet types have a countersink, hole for fixing with a screw head.

Cup magnets are commonly used for situation They are brilliant for lifting, holding and positioning purposes for indicators,antennas, inspection equipment, furniture fixings, gate latches, closing mechanisms & soft drawer closures, DIY projects, machinery, vehicles…

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies provide high magnetic strength at low cost. RB magnets are often found in applications requiring a strong holding device or the ability to attach a post or hook to hang other items.

Magnetic cup assembly Round Countersunk Magnet

Magnetic cup assembly Round Countersunk Magnet

Configure magnets with steel cup to increases strength dramatically ( by concentrating magnetic flux to multiplying the attractive force)Common usage is for holding Sign and banner mounts,Channel letter guides,Latches,Work Holders,Hooks and Hangers,Point of Sale Display component.

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