Neodymium Magnet in 3C Consumer Electronics Products

3C consumer electronics mainly include six categories: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, watches, headphones, and wireless charging devices. Take Apple products as an example, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, AirPods, MagsaFepParts.

Where can I use neodymium iron boron magnets in these products? What is the principle of use? What are the requirements for magnets? Today, this article will take you to answer these questions.

There are three main modules in consumer electronics that use magnets, which are acoustic modules, motor modules and magnetic modules.

Neodymium Magnet in 3C Consumer Electronics Products

Neodymium Magnet in 3C Consumer Electronics Products

1. Acoustics module

Acoustics modules, as the name suggests, are vocal units, and popular names are speakers. The performance of the speakers has a great impact on sound quality.

The magnetic field will be generated in the power -on wire. When the AC audio current is through the coil (ie, the audio coil) of the speaker, the corresponding magnetic field is generated in the audio. The force makes the sound rim vibrate in the permanent magnetic field of the speaker’s own, as the audio current is vibrated. The vibration film and sound of the speaker are connected. When the sound coil is vibrated with the horn film, the surrounding air vibrates, and the speaker will sound. As shown below, this is the principle of the speaker.

The requirements of the acoustic modules of different 3C products are different in the face of tin neodymium iron boron magnet

iPhone and other mobile phone products have high frequency and have certain requirements for mobile phones. Therefore On Mac or iPad, on the one hand, the sound quality needs to be considered. On the other hand, its volume is larger than the mobile phone, and there is more space available. Therefore Metropolitania Watch products such as Watch are small in size and users generally need their needs for sound and low requirements for sound quality. Therefore, magnetic steel with low performance (50h) is also small.

acoustic module ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

acoustic module ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

2. Motor module: VCM audio motor and linear vibration motor

The VCM audio rings is an important component of AF (Auto Focus) autofocus camera module. It can drag the lens to move up and down to achieve proximal and long -focus switching, making the photo clearer. Similar to the principle of the speaker, the magnetic steel provides permanent magnetic field in the camera module. The power -powered coil will be effectively used in the magnetic field, so as to drag the lens to move before and after. Different lenses have different functions, and the magnetic steel shape and performance inside are very different.

vcm audio ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

vcm audio ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

Linear vibration motor is the main device for mobile phone products to achieve vibration function. The power coil is affected by the magnetic field (the magnetic field is provided by the iron boron magnetic steel), which drives the motor to vibrate. Among them, LRA (Linear Resonance Actuator, linear resonance actuator) is a motor motor currently widely used in smartphones, providing touch feedback through the touch effect. The quality of LRA’s performance directly affects the user’s touch experience. LRA is an AC power -driven. AC electricity can generate instantaneous high voltage, making the motor start and stop very fast, and the vibration is followed. The frequency of AC power can achieve different vibrations and match various mobile phone usage scenarios. According to different types of motors, the shape and performance of magnetic steel are also completely different.

vibration motor module ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

vibration motor module ndfeb magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

3. Magnetic module

The easiest understanding of magnetic suction is this attribute that uses magnets to be attractive to ferromagnetic substances. It is mainly used in various adsorption parts, such as various types of wireless charging attachments, mobile phone watches, etc. All support has magnets in it. These adsorptions have different shapes and performances according to different terminal products, and are customized according to actual needs.

magnetic suction module magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

magnetic suction module magnets in 3C Consumer Electronics

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