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Search magnets, also called as treasure salvage magnets or retrieving magnets, which look like pot magnets, are also made up of neodymium magnets, steel housings and other components. But their sizes are usually larger than pot magnets, and, the machining method of their steel housing is different from pot magnets’. Search magnets are used for searching ferrite things in river,lake, sea,warehouse,school,construction site, garage, septic tank, pool or ranch or other places, it is very convenient to fix or remove, and can be used repeatedly.

Easily retrieve lost fishing gear, separate scrap iron from waste or clear your garage of nails, screws and sharp metal after your next project! Whatever the application, you can attach your own choice of line or the retrieving magnet can be easily mounted to your wall or workbench as a holdfast.
Retrieve metal objects from tanks and waterways
Separate scrap metal from waste
Includes eye bolt for rope attachments
Remove eye bolt and replace with a threaded rod to use as a pick-up tool.

Neodymium Search Magnets

Neodymium Search Magnets

This magnet was specifically designed with heavy retrieving applications in mind. You won’t have to worry which way the magnet is oriented under water since each side provides from 100kg up to 1500kg+ of pulling force. The new design provides more versatility by allowing it to be used as a double sided, or single sided magnet. The eyebolt can screw into the side of the casing, or through the magnet face. Using this magnet in the single sided configuration will provide a much stronger hold since the user is pulling perpendicular to the target.

Magnet fishing is more like going treasure hunting in the water than it is like actual fishing. In other words, you won’t catch any fish with this method, unless they are made completely of iron or some other strongly magnetic material. Some treasure hunters throw magnets in lakes and other water ways to attract magnetic metals and pull them up. The hope is that something valuable will surface, but often miscellaneous items like bottle caps and keys are found as well. In fact, strong lifting magnets called magnet retrieval tools are specially designed to retrieve items that are lost at the bottom of bodies of water.
However, if you simply wanted to try out magnet fishing and are not looking to retrieve larger, heavier items from the water, you can easily create your own magnet fishing tool.

MPCO supply 3 type of search magnets, one is with single side eyebolt ,another is with single flat eyebolt, the third is with both eyebolts .

Single side eyebolt search magnet:

The normal sizes we supply:

Single flat eyebolt search magnet:

The normal sizes we supply:

Double sides ring magnets with two eyebolts search magnet:

The normal sizes we supply:

Two magnets provide twice the surface area to catch targets.
Powerful Hunting Search Magnets tool for finding artifacts or debris of spacecraft in the water. Be careful when you hold the magnet in one hand and the eye bolt to another, and hold to spin. The force of attraction is such that even a very strong person is not quickly react and you may get injured.
Because of the large mass of the river not far. But the pull extremely heavy object. The ideal thing is to pull out of the sludge of heavy metal objects.

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