MPCO overband magnets start their journey to the recycling facility located in China, for separating the iron scraps that mixed in the shredded plastics.

They are suitable for hanging above the conveyor belt with belt width of 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm respectively. Providing a highly pure plastic flow and good protective to the subsequent equipment.

The Best Magnetic Separator for Recycling Plant

Our lines are popular in customers from the recycling industry, due to its simple and compact structure, almost maintenance free and less down time. Whether separating ferrous cans from plastic bottles or iron scraps from shredder residue, MPCO overband can always provide extremely high separation efficiency in these lightweight materials.

Permanent Overband Magnet
Overband Magnet Operation Test
Overband Magnet
The compact body allows the cross belt magnet to exert its iron removal ability even in a narrow and limited space.

Unique model design, simple installation, more convenient and quicker belt replacement, optional armored belt, to prevent sharp iron impurities from scratching the belt, prolong the life of the belt, and save operating costs. OVERBAND MAGNET SEPARATE IRON FROM PLASTIC

Super performance, unique Neodymium and Ferrite composite magnetic system, deeper penetration and stronger adsorption capacity. We also provide optional T1, T2, T3 magnetic intensity enhanced type.

Optional hydraulic drive motor, can be integrated to the existing hydraulic system of the mobile installation, so that no additional power supply is required.

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No matter from mining quarry to recycling the facility, our experts will support you the tailor-made magnetic solution and suggestion. Contact us today to get a free one! OVERBAND MAGNET SEPARATE IRON FROM PLASTIC

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