Overband magnet aka cross belt magnet is the most commonly type of conveyor belt magnetic separator. It generally uses a positioned permanent magnet or electromagnet as the magnetic source, and equipped with a simple self discharging device composed of two pulleys, belt, frame and motor.

Such a simple structure and working principle make it an essential and important role in some industries. For example: mining, recycling industry, aggregate industry, chemical industry and even food industry.

Before starting to read this guide, please understand which models of MPCO MAGNET overband magnetic separator correspond to the following codes, because in the following articles we may use abbreviations to refer to the full names of these models:

Model Of Overband Magnetic Separator

For example:

RCDF-10, represents electromagnetic oil-cooling type overband magnetic separator, adapted for 1000mm belt width;
RCYQ-8, represents light-weight type permanent overband magnetic separator, adapted for 800mm belt width;
It’s easy, right? Seems that you have learned our naming rules, now let us solve the problem that puzzles you.



Common Questions About MPCO Overband Magnetic Separator
Faced with these so many overband magnet models, will you be confused?

Should I choose manual unloading type or automatic type?
Which magnetic intensity should I choose?
Should I use an electromagnetic or permanent magnet overband magnet?
For permanent magnet type overband magnet, should I choose ferrite(ceramic) or rare earth type?
If one of these problems has bothered you, then please read this article carefully, it will definitely help you in selecting the model of overband magnet. Of course, you can also directly contact our experts to help you choose the suitable model.

Overband Magnetic Separator In Assembly
Manual Unloading or Automatic Unloading Overband Magnet
When choosing a suitable cross belt magnetic separator, you should first consider whether to use a manual unloading type or an automatic unloading type.

Permanent Suspension Magnet –
Permanent Cross Belt Magnet –
The basis for judging which to use is very simple: when the material contains less iron, choose the manual iron unloading type (RCYB, RCYP, RCDA, RCDB, RCDE) to save costs. When use manual unloading suspension magnet, it should be cleaned regularly according to the situation to ensure the proper operation of it.

When the material contains a lot of iron, you should choose an automatic discharging electromagnetic or permanent overband magnetic separator (RCYD, RCYQ, RCYK, RCDD, RCDF, RCDFJ) to ensure efficient iron removal and make the entire process highly automated.

Magnetic Intensity of Overband Magnetic Separator
The operation of overband magnet has the following characteristics:

It is easier to absorb the long and large ones than the small and short ones;
It is easier to absorb the flat ones than the balls;
It is easier to absorb dynamic ones than static ones;
MPCO provides overband magnetic separators with a standard field strength of 700Gs (measured at the rated suspension height, on the surface of the conveyor belt), which is suitable for most iron removal conditions, and can easily suck up tramp iron of 0.1~15kg.

Electro Overband Magnet Testing
However, there are still some situations where need to use our magnetic enhanced version cross belt magnet, for example:

When there is a high requirement for fine iron removal, it will be better to use the magnetic enhanced type (Better use with magnetic head pulley);
If a multi-stage iron separating process is used, the magnetic field strength of the subsequent stage should also be higher;
When the material is weak magnetic material, such as mild steel, a higher magnetic field strength is required to ensure the separation effect.
We provide 3 optional enhanced magnetic field strengths for permanent magnet and ordinary electromagnetic overband magnetic separator: 900Gs, 1200Gs, 1500Gs.

And for forced oil-cooling electromagnetic overband magnet, we are able to provide higher magnetic field options: 1750Gs, 2000Gs, 2250Gs and 2500Gs. If you need these enhanced models, please contact us.

Overband Magnetic Separator

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